The Dash Not The Cash

I have been writing weekly blogs post since December 2023. This week we celebrate writing number 21! I know a lot of writers and influencers out there say they are loving their journey but I TRULY am. I have been connected to some incredible humans, that have wonderful souls and I believe I will be in contact with them for life. Historically, I tend to lean towards coincidence rather than fate but for this particular chapter in my life, I can’t believe it is coincidence. The people I have met, the opportunities that have been given to me, the experiences and support I have been given has to be beyond coincidence. I am in a very special time of my life and my future is exciting!

On a recent blog post ” I’m the Lobster” a fellow blogger not only showed his support but also managed to change my mindset. I wanted to share it with you. 

CJ writes his own blog, he is one of the bravest, inspirational and resilient man I know. His blog posts explain his journey but if you don’t already, please follow him and you’ll understand why I am so complimentary. Some people come into your life for a season, CJ is in mine for a reason.

The line etched into a headstone between the dates of birth and death represents each step we take on Earth and every single breath. The smiles, laughs, love, tears, traumas, and how you treated people. All in one little  DASH

A horizontal line, that’s all we get   1987 – 20XX

Many people deem themselves successful when they have large amounts of money in the bank, super cars on the drive, the clothes they wear and the parties they are invited to and that is wonderful if they are happy. Success to ME, is being happy with how you spend your dash not your cash.

My mentor, Dean, often speaks about how time is our biggest cost towards our business. I couldn’t agree more. We can make money; we just can’t make time. Days and hours go past us too fast, and I often feel robbed of my time. I seem to let the responsibilities of being an adult; worrying about money, my job, the bills, where I’m meant to be at a specific time affect the way I chose to spend my dash. Spending your dash is more valuable than spending your cash

Memories are happening now. At 37 I am still blessed to have a Grandma and Grandad and yet I “struggle” to go and see them. I need to make the time before they disappear. These two are everything. Wise, funny and give THE best advice and yet I only see them every now and again? Spending my DASH wiser is most certainly on my radar and something that will certainly be changing immediately. CJ I thank you. 

Are you spending you Dash wiser than me? I’d love to know, how would you like to be remembered?  What are you doing to get there?

I’m sure people have regrets all the way to their final days, It’s not realistic to go through life and wishing you did things differently, but hopefully too few to mention. I want to live my life being true to myself and worry less about what people expect of me. If I’m lucky enough to grow old, I will look back at this time in my life and be proud that I’ve taken this leap to change, I’ll be glad I’ve pushed myself through my comfort zone to do social media and took the time to be proud of my dash.    

I WILL make affiliate marketing work. I will spend my dash travelling, ticking off places on my bucket list, I will to be able to nip for a coffee with loved ones while not being on someone else’s clock, I will say YES more, and when at my funeral someone will say

“She spent her dash well”


Extra Value

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Easiest way to make someone smile- surprise them with a gift. The gift doesn’t need to be expensive but it shows you are thinking of someone. These chocolates are currently on sale. I wanted to link them as I’ve bought a few- I want to spend my dash making people feel good. 

Here is a downloadable link for The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis. It’s incredible 

Would you like to work with Dean too and hear his words of wisdom? Here is how I started  I bought the book to start with, mainly because it is low risk. Once I read the book and researched affiliate marketing more, I knew he was the right mentor for me. If you are a cautious Kelly like myself, I would recommend buying the book first. 



21 thoughts on “The Dash Not The Cash

  1. I am a fan of you. I have followed your blogs and video content since you started your journey. Every post or video has provided value, wisdom and some are really funny! I sometimes share your videos with my wife as your practical approach is refreshing and if I admit, we love your accent. But I suppose my accent to you in rather interesting. 🙂 However, I read this post twice. This post moved me and I hope my dash makes a mark. After I finish this comment, I will reflect on the poem, what you and CJ demonstrate (I am also a HUGE fan of CJ!) and be mindful of my dash. It makes me happy to hear the joy in your statement “I know a lot of writers and influencers out there say they are loving their journey but I TRULY am.” Stay true to you and thank you for this valuable inspiration!

  2. Sarah,
    Your post is so heart felt and honest. I do not believe that people our placed on our “DASH” by accident. On many occasions I can remember people that have influenced me more by their actions than by their words. My Grandfather was one such person. A man of few words (Which my grandmother made up for…🤣) He didn’t have to say much because his actions in life spoke volumns about the man he was. We don’t know how long our “dash” may be so we must take advantage of the time we have… I Once heard a Pastor say “Struggle Well” as he battled cancer… We may not be able to control the length, but we can control how we use the time between the dates. Keep up the Great Work!

  3. Hi, Sarah!
    What a great post! I do find myself wasting time, and I’ve become increasingly aware of it. Your post motivates me to spend my time more wisely.
    I think one of the most difficult things about beginning a business is balancing family and work. I’ve concluded family is most important even now, as I’m trying to build a business to spend more time with them. I can’t waste the time I have with them now to spend time with them later. Who knows what the future holds?
    That makes using fifteen minutes here and there even more wisely so important. Your dash metaphor helped me with that. Thank you!

  4. Sarah,
    What an incredible post. I never thought of the tombstone analogy. That changed my thinking. Your post is quite inspirational and you are so young, with a whole world ahead of you with many successes and new experiences. Yes, society tells us the warped idea of success. We all know what success means to each of us and no one else’s opinion should matter, unless they are a trusted friend and genuinely care. Yes, time is our most valuable asset. I see you are using yours wisely and successfully.

    1. Thank you Jordan. I don’t feel very young but its an age is just a number. I’m hoping with changes I will start to feel younger! Thank you for your comment
      Sarah x

  5. Blog post 21!!!!! Congratulations, that is definitely something to celebrate about. And I 100% agree this journey has been filled with meeting so many amazing people; I love following your journey and am so inspired by how you consistently show up while working a full-time job and taking care of your family!!!!! You should be so proud of all that you have accomplished!!!!

  6. I love your TikTok’s and blogs. Everyday each of us is getting better and better, no matter what platform we entertain! At first it seems impossible. But then a flow develops and we continue on! I love doing this work, too. Content Creation is an act of creativity!

  7. Sarah, I have followed your blog for a while now. Thank you for including those wise words from CJ – I have never quote thought to look at my life as a “dash” but that’s a very wise viewpoint indeed. I also have a distinct suspicion that you are absolutely making relationships that will last a lifetime. I’m glad you recognize these aren’t a bunch of coincidences, but rather a bunch of blessings. I’m honored to continue to following your journey… and to continue to read about the gratitude you exhibit for these new experiences in your life. It’s truly a joy for me to read.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I have been following you on TikTok and always enjoy listening to you. You have a creative way of talking when you put your content out there, weather it’s on TikTok, or on your blog. I always look forward to both of them. This has been quite the journey! The best part is meeting new people while doing it. Thank you for your post today. Hope you have a great week!
      Meredith Moore recently posted…Unveiling the Power of Profitable Niches: Why Choosing the Right Niche is Essential for Affiliate SuccessMy Profile

      1. Thank you Meredith. That is a lovely comment and much appreciated. It has been quite the journey and I am really looking forward to the future

  8. Well, that was one of the most profound and thought-provoking blogs I have had the pleasure to read. When I first heard you mention the ‘dash’, I thought you meant something about rushing around too much. But then, I guess you could take it that way as well. We all spend too much time dashing from one disaster to the next. You are so lucky to have your grand-parents still with you. We can learn so much from our oldies. I love your videos and blogs. They are so honest and down-to-earth. I am sure you will find success and do your dash justice.
    Andy Jacobs recently posted…Whoops, There Goes My Credit and Accelerating Profits With EmailsMy Profile

    1. Thank you Andy. You could take it as dashing around- that would be me too! What CJ said has been stuck in my mind and given me a new way of looking at life. I’m truly grateful for his wisdom.

  9. Congratulations on reaching your 21st blog post! Your journey and the connections you’ve made along the way truly highlight how special and enriching the blogging experience can be. I loved reading about how you value the ‘dash’ in life, it’s a wondcerful reminder to focus on what really matters. Our experiences, relationships, and the personal fulfillment we derive from how we spend our time.

    It’s inspiring to see you commit to spending your dash wisely, pushing boundaries and embracing new challenges. This approach not only enhances your life but also enriches those around you. Keep sharing your journey and insights; they are a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation for many of us. Looking forward to seeing where your path leads and how you continue to shape your ‘dash’!

  10. Sarah,
    Wow, blog post 21. Congratulations. I would also like to say that I also follow CJ and yes he is inspirational. I just love this post about our “Dash”. Yes we live our life and I think we forget sometimes to “really” live and appreciate what we have, and who we have in our life. We are only here on this planet for a finite amount of time. Let’s make our time count and focus on what matters! Thank you for the reminder.

  11. Love the thought that it’s the ‘Dash, not the cash’! (of course, the cash helps)

    I am currently planning some birthday surprises for my Aunt who turns 80 in August, she lives on a UK state pension but has a lovely house, with a small vineyard in the Alentejo in Portugal. She often says that millionaires cannot live the life she has. As I write this she is just returning from a private stay at a Bavarian castle, (a guest of the count), On Mayday, she took her quad bike through the forest where she lives to join other villages in a celebration dance and picnic at the lake. She has and she does live life to the full. She has little Cash but a fantastic Dash.

    Last night I designed some wine labels to put on her wine at the birthday party, I think they sum up what I feel about her dash, on the pack it will read,

    Patricia’s Private Reserve
    Within the sun-kissed village where Patricia’s vines sprawl, there’s a vine so legendary, it’s nearly human.

    They say it overheard Patricia’s exuberant “What!” so many times that it began to grow in unexpected, joyous bursts, mirroring her astonishment at life’s twists and turns.

    This bottle bursts with character, a lively tribute to the woman whose enthusiasm and joy of life is an inspiration.
    Celebrate 80 wonderful years of surprises and “What!” moments with Patricia.

    Cheers to the stories and laughter yet to come!

  12. I very much appreciated this post.
    Love the dash, not the cash theme as well as the ‘when we have each other we have everything’ concept!

    I started blogging maybe a week or so after and then recently I was not able to post but I’ve felt so bad since (as I had promised to post weekly).

    That I know I will not do that again. Instead, I would post with an explanation whatever the issue is.

    So am a few weeks behind but I do agree that for me the people who have joined me on this journey in their comments have been important to my enjoyment of blogging & feel encouraged & supported in the process.

    Fate vs coincidence. So glad it feels more like fate…..

    CJ’s journey is inspirational & loved the line in the poem by Linda Ellis that he shared of the dash representing our lives, between birth and death.

    Glad you have linked this with your grandparents who are very much alive today & recognizing your choices between getting caught up in our daily lives where we tell ourselves we are too busy without acknowledging that we have the power to decide how we spend our dash.

    What could be more important than acknowledging, honoring, and learning from our ancestors while they are still with us? As you said, ‘When we have each other we have everything’

  13. Sarah, Congratulations on reaching your 21st blog post! Your journey sounds truly fulfilling and it’s wonderful to hear about the meaningful connections you’ve made. Your reflections on the importance of spending your “dash” wisely resonate deeply. Thank you for sharing CJ’s inspiring story and the reminder to focus on what truly matters. Keep up the amazing work! Thanks, Atif

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