My Name is Smartie G and this is my blog- If nothing Changes, Nothing Changes. FOR NOW, due to other commitments, I will need to use my nickname rather than my actual name. Once  my affiliate marketing dream gets to where I want, I can then share more. I hope you understand x

My Blog name came about when I was talking to a stranger in a supermarket as I was helping her with some bits. We were talking about something as exciting as Milk!

Somewhere in the conversation she said “if nothing changes, nothing changes”

This caught me off guard, as like everything else, I thought about the phrase over and over again. In the car, during the working day, on a dog walk….

She was TOTALLY right. If nothing changes, nothing actually changes. Routines still take place, the day to day of life continues and we stay on the hamster wheel of life.

I’m 36 and the lightbulb moment came to me ( next to the milk!)

I’ve waited 36 years for a lightbulb moment and like a Christmas miracle in a low budget film, I got mine.


This has now been my daily phrase and honestly has made me more motivated and got me off the hamster wheel.

I am a mum to a beautiful girl and I am lucky enough to have an incredible husband by my side. We have a strong family unit and a very happy home full of laughter BUT I don’t have a work life balance. I don’t have much quality time and I’ve found myself not looking after myself. I look after EVERYBODY else, but not myself.

This is WHY I’ve decided to start this journey. I want to get the most out of life and have no regrets. I want to be able to work from wherever in the world with a smile on my face.

I love the Ocean, it calms my nerves and fills my heart. I want to be able to hear the ocean on a daily basis. I want to have financial security that I can buy the weekly shop and treat my loved ones without panicking.  I want to take deep breaths that are at peace and not full of anxiety. I want mindfulness.

Currently, I am working for a family business- Yes, I’m even lucky enough to have a stable job and see my family daily! I love them all so much, but so much that I’m now working to make them proud and please them. Again, I find myself doing things to please other people. A people pleaser some may say….

I currently work every day and every hour in that day. This is true. When you have so many employees to look after, its hard to switch off.

” Did I sort that customer order?”

” Did I remember to sort X’s timetable?”

“Did I buy enough butter to make….”

I’m proud to be carrying on my Grandad’s legacy, my Dad has made the company twice what he was left but should I have to have the same passion? When is it my turn to do something that I want to do?


I am determined to make changes, some small, some very large and get on a life path that I want.

I want to be happy, I want to be healthy, I want to laugh daily and not take life to seriously. I want to be a present mum and wife and I want to enjoy life while I have one.

If you are a people pleasing mum that needs to make small changes, follow me, and lets do this journey together. I will be writing weekly blogs to show what I am doing to get me back to ME.

You can check out my fist blog here– The start of something new