What Happens When You Say Yes More?

Following my last blog post The Dash Not The Cash, towards the end I wrote…

“ I WILL make affiliate marketing work. I will spend my dash travelling, ticking off places on my bucket list. I will nip for coffee with loved ones. I will say YES more and when at my funeral hopefully someone will say “She spent her dash well”

Writing these words reminded me of a book I read in my younger days called “Yes Man”

It’s THE most hilarious book on this planet (in my opinion) It is a true story written by the Yes MAN himself, Danny Wallace.  The book is filled with stories about himself. He was suffering from loneliness and depression after splitting with his girlfriend. He found that he was always saying NO. No to meeting with friends, NO to helping people, NO to anything and everything and avoiding people like the plague. Until one day, he saw a sign on a bus saying.

“Say Yes More”

And at that moment he decided to say YES to EVERYTHING. Literally EVERYTHING. There are many belly laughing parts about situations that he gets into, places he goes and the people he meets. The word “YES” really turned his life around and I’m so glad he shared his story. It was even made into a film starring Jim Carrey. The book is more entertaining in my opinion but it’s worth a watch.

So this week….. guess what I did?

I had a YES DAY.

I said YES to everything. I didn’t tell anyone, as my husband would have had a field day, but I said YES to everything! I wanted to see what changes it would have made. Would it change the course of the day? Would it change my mood? Would I meet new people? I cant lie, it was a hard task, seriously hard, but It did make me conscious to how many time I would have said NO. I certainly use it more that I thought I did. 

Let me give you some snippets of the day

“Can I have 5 more minutes in bed?” YES! (On a school day!!)

“Can I have Chocolate spread on toast?” YES! (The suspicion on her face was hilarious)

“Will you do a speech at the awards dinner?” YES! (This would have been the biggest HELL NO, so now I’m super nervous for the 22nd June!)

“Can we donate 200 pies for a charity event?” YES ( Easy Yes)

“Would you like some Sushi?” YES! ( I HATE sushi, so this was dreadful)

“A school is on the phone and is asking for a live baking demonstration, will you help them?” YES! (I work for a bakery, but I can’t bake to save my life! Turns out passion for baking isn’t hereditary- looks like I’m learning to make bread next week before the demonstration!)

” If animals could talk, do you think  Tigers would be rude?” YES! (I then had to make up a reason, the following day I explained why I said yes) 

Now I know these aren’t the craziest of activities, I’m sorry to disappoint if you thought I’d be posting videos of me skydiving on a Tuesday night. Maybe if I had a YES week it may have done- maybe I’ll do that next time. I just wanted to prove that how we spend our dash day to day makes a huge difference and changes our path. I regret not filming some moments, I just didn’t want to give the game away. I will do another day in the near future and I promise to film, it was a funny day!  

Decisions matter. If I didn’t say Yes to signing up with Dean, I wouldn’t have met some wonderful people, I wouldn’t be on track to living my dream life.

If I didn’t say Yes to Affiliate System, I would be trying to figure out all the workflows and e-mails on many different systems and getting all confused. 

I’ve started saying “Yes” on a Wednesday and I tune into training to ensure I carry on progressing in this area. I am saying YES to my dream life and YES to investing in ME. 

Opening up, not having excuses or being defensive changes your path. Say Yes more, you deserve to experience new things, you deserve happiness.

Saying yes opens a door for something new to happen and if saying yes becomes a habit far fewer opportunities will slide by unnoticed. In fact, saying yes more will leave you with so many options that you’ll also have to say no more, but let’s concentrate on the glass half full. The things you say yes to are the things that happen, the memories you create and the experiences that will make you who you are, and as soon as you begin you’ll find yourself on a journey that will shape the rest of your life.

Here are 6 things that will happen if you say YES more 

  1. You become more interesting
  2. You realise that strangers are kinder than you think 
  3. Your confidence skyrockets 
  4. Failure becomes ok
  5. You feel healthier 
  6. Things start to make sense

Please let me know what you’ve said YES to this week. Has it taken you out of your comfort zone? Did you meet new people?

I hope it brings you a lot of fun and laughter.


Extra Value

TIK TOK filters – always check as some are put on without you knowing- This happened to me yesterday! 

When using TIKTOK make sure you always use captions, and your description matches what you are talking about- Make the wording the same 

No matter how scary it is, there may be something better around the corner. 


20 thoughts on “What Happens When You Say Yes More?

  1. YES, YES, YES!!! What a great post! Saying yes is not only an affirmation or an answer to an attainable task or to a person, but it also puts one in the right frame of mind to be positive. As I reflect on myself, I am convicted at how many times I say no when “YES” could have easily been the answer. I’m going to take your challenge today and say yes to all the things that are definitely possible for a “YES.” And, I am so curious about your reasons for tigers being rude… haha!

  2. As a person who says “yes” a lot, but rarely ever really means it, your post gave me an “aha” idea. I’m going to schedule a day when my “yes’s” actually mean yes. My yes’s and no’s will be transparent and honest for that entire day. Then… I’ll try a day when I experiment with a yes to everything. many thanks for your post. You are a wonderful writer!

  3. Well this certainly is brave, good job saying yes. I like the 6 points you make, especially this means “failure becomes ok”. I’ve been coaching my son’s soccer team, and when we’re practicing skills inevitably someone says I’m not good at this – that’s ok, that’s why we practice. We don’t have to be good at everything we do, but if we let that stop us we’re going to miss out on a lot of good things.
    Nathan recently posted…Regret Leads to Fantasy, Which Leads to RuinMy Profile

  4. Awesome post. Saying Yes takes courage because you are putting yourself out there into the unknown, but what a difference being positive makes in your life. Skydiving is awesome and your jump would be tandem so you can just enjoy the experience 🙂 Sometimes we need to say no for self preservation and balance, but having a Yes attitude not only brings you more happiness but those around you as well. Strangers seem nicer and most of all, YOU seem nicer to everyone you meet. I always look forward to your posts.

  5. Staying positive is beneficial in any competitive endeavor. I also agree with the 6 outcomes of saying yes. Thank you for sharing. I wish you all the best in your journey.

  6. I read your post in the morning and I didn’t put a comment right after I completed my reading. However the idea of saying yes to everything was omnipresent with me today. Each time the occasion occurred, the images and text of your post resonated with me.😊 This made me realized how often in a day we are faced with a yes/no answer. However today, I didn’t find the courage to say yes to everything. I said no to my daughter for McDonald’s! I feel guilty. Can I have another chance?
    Good post!

  7. I love this!! It sounds like you had a great week, and not only did you say YES and get out of your comfort zone, but you threw your family for a loop shaking stuff up!!! I try and play the YES game every now and again especially if it involves anything fun, time with friends and family and vacation with locals lol!!!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I found your post incredibly helpful. I tend to overthink and my initial response is usually no, a habit I developed when my kids were young because I didn’t want to disappoint them by making hasty decisions. Now that they’re older, I realize I need to shift this mindset. Having a positive attitude by saying yes more often can lead to better outcomes. Your posts are always insightful and I really enjoy reading them. Keep up the excellent work!

      Meredith Moore recently posted…Your Affiliate Marketing Journey: Thriving Through Highs and LowsMy Profile

  8. What a clever blog and I might do a yes day for myself to see what happens. I got a laugh out of your comments about saying yes to the baking demonstration. I am sure you will do well on the day.
    I have not really given much thought to how often I say no instead of a yes or vice versa.
    Cheers Regina

    1. I would highly recommend doing a YES day. It was a little scary but fun. It made me conscious how many times I would have said no in the day.

  9. How fun!
    I bet your family was shocked by all they got away with that day! The looks on their faces must have been priceless – especially with the chocolate toast!
    I think I might do this this week… I’ll definitely keep it a secret from my husband as well! LOL!

  10. Well this was timely… I can illustrate how this works from my experience this week. I moved to Portugal a few years back, but have failed to grasp anything but the very basics of the language… so imagine my horror at being invited into my granddaughter’s class of 20 6 year olds to take a lesson! Well out of my comfort zone. But along with my daughter, we said YES and the event turned out brilliant… I even got offered a job at the school!

    So YES… do say yes more, get out of your zone and see that fear fade to joy!

  11. You (and your blog) has become nothing short of my weekly motivation! I started following your blog intimately because I enjoyed hearing more about your journey in affiliate marketing.. but your posts have become more about inspiration for my daily life. Your message is always full of valuable insight that I can apply, right away, to my life. Thank you for always helping me to start my week off right!

    And yes… I’m motivated to “say yes” more 😉

  12. I remember seeing the movie with Jim Carey. Hilarious and now I’m inspired to get hold of the book. You are very brave giving yourself such a challenge. You could have ended up in some precarious situations. Good on you for doing it. I love your videos, by the way. They are getting more and more relatable for your audience.

  13. Sarah, I loved reading about your YES day! It’s amazing how saying YES can open up so many new experiences and opportunities. Your story about the sushi and the baking demo made me laugh—I can relate to trying things outside my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing your journey and encouraging us to embrace new possibilities. I’m loving your TikTok videos. Thanks Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Programs – Did I choose Him or Her?My Profile

  14. What a great post!!! It was very insightful and very brave of you. I’m not sure I could do the same. I would somehow get busted, and then my boyfriend would make a mockery of the demonstration. He would know something was up, lol. I really enjoy reading your posts and am happy that you said yes to Dean.

  15. Absolutely loved reading about your “YES DAY” experience! It’s inspiring to see how saying “yes” more often can truly transform our daily lives and mindset. I particularly relate to the idea of not wanting to film everything—it lets you really immerse in the moment, doesn’t it?

    I’ve been on a similar journey with my own commitments, especially in the realm of affiliate marketing. It’s a constant challenge and learning curve, but saying “yes” to new strategies and ideas has helped me not just professionally but personally as well. I’m a big believer in stepping out of our comfort zones, as that’s where real growth happens.

    Your adventures, from the spontaneous speech at the awards dinner to the impromptu sushi tasting, are hilarious and motivating. It shows how even small decisions can lead to new stories and memories. I’m gearing up to make my own YES DAY happen soon. Here’s to more laughter, opportunities, and unexpected joys! Keep inspiring and sharing your journey!

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