The Importance of 1%

1% of something often seems like an incredibly small amount. If someone offered me 1% of a chocolate bar, I’d probably and unconsciously give them a look of death followed by a snigger of confusion and a slight eye glance of disgust.

Coming home as a teenager having to confess, I achieved 1% on a recent Latin exam isn’t something to be proud of either (I’m still very ashamed of that one!) On a different scale, if someone offered me 1% of an English Trifle, I’d say that was way too much and you can have it back!

1% seems an incredibly small amount in most circumstances…… However, a change of mindset is needed to see how 1% can actually be a VERY large amount.

For example, I certainly wouldn’t snigger at the employee who has 1% of Stanley cup sales at the moment. I’d have the biggest smile on my face to be gifted 1% of the Tulip fields in Amsterdam (100% the best flower in the world- instant joy) and finally, I’d be incredibly impressed by someone that changes their daily habits by 1% into a more positive lifestyle.


               If nothing changes, nothing changes

Atomic Habits by James Clear has an interesting perspective on this.  “Too often, we convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action.”

It doesn’t REALLY matter what you are trying to change, it could be losing weight, stopping smoking, learning a new language, instrument or even building your own business. We all put an insane amount of pressure on ourselves to make some earth-shattering improvements in such a small amount of time that everyone will talk about it for years, and children will be learning about for centuries to come. Unfortunately, no records need to be broken here, by achieving something in a small amount of time often doesn’t lead to success. Good change takes time, don’t let the chimp take over!

Improving a skill in small chunks will not be noticeable (at first), trumpets will not be blown, you will still be making your own cups of tea, and there certainly won’t be a red carpet laid out while you do your weekly shop….. However, the improvements that can be made over time can be astounding. “If you can make 1% improvements each day for 1 year, you’ll end up being 37x better by the time you’re done.” In contrast to this, if you don’t continue to progress by 1% you’ll decrease to 0. My dad always said, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” As much as I hate to admit this, he was right, I’m dreadful at playing the piano now.

      If nothing changes, nothing changes

We often dismiss when LIFE gets in the way of our focus. Children, routine, and every other curve balls that life throws at you always seems to distract us. The little 1% changes often get missed because they don’t seem very big in the moment. Saving £5 today won’t make you a millionaire, wearing an eye mask once won’t turn back the years instantly and learning Italian for an hour won’t make you fluent for your next holiday BUT we all expect too!

Results never come quick enough, for anyone. We want to see results after eating 1 carrot, going to the gym once or for me, be a talented blog writer. BUT I have to remember that results don’t come over night. They take months and years. It’s keeping the motivation going, its teamwork, its people around you and comments on my blog that keep me writing. Without encouragement many people give up on their goals and slide back into their old routines.

“It’s just one chocolate biscuit”.

 “I’m just going to miss this week; I’ll write another blog next week”.

“I’m too tired, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”.

When these thoughts enter your head THAT is when you go to the gym, write the bog. DO the task your brain is telling you not to do. Because when we repeat bad habits those 1%’s add up and we decline. Be the popstar in your own life!

Right now, success doesn’t matter to me. What matters is when I look in the mirror, there is only me and the mirror, no one around to call me out or believe the hype I’m telling them… Am I on the  right trajectory FOR ME? I can honestly answer myself to this question. My answer is NO….. not currently anyway. 

I AM very proud of myself, I’ve written a weekly blog (missed 1), I’m posting daily on TIKTOK, I’ve got an Instagram and Pinterest account, but it’s all surface level and I set them all up weeks ago. This is not new learning. YES, I’ve listened to advice and improved BUT it’s constant improvement that is needed. I am currently stagnant.

How do I change this?

 What I need to do is take a week off work and organise where I want to go, map out what I need to do to get there and DO IT. I’m currently what I call in survival mode. I’m floating and casting but not soaring.

This week, I need to add 1% to what I’m doing. I feel like I’m staying at the same % and not increasing. Sometimes this is good as additions need embedding and perfecting but, in my case, my butt needs kicking!  

A positive and slight change in your daily habits can guide your life to a very different destination. Success is the end result of positive habits, not “one off” transformations.

Comment below on your 1% at the moment- not your goal, your 1% 

If nothing changes, nothing changes





19 thoughts on “The Importance of 1%

  1. Hi Sarah – Mindset, Mindset, Mindset! It all seems to come down to the word, huh? 1% can be small or big. I love your examples and yes, I wish I had 1% or Stanley, FB, Apple, Tesla, etc. But I have something more valuable – me, my hopes, my goals, my family. Now, just to fund those, huh? 🙂 Right now, my 1% is trying to decide on a platform. I am scared to make the wrong decision. I have a blog, great training, great mentor, great colleagues, now I just need to take the next step. That is my 1%, the next small (or big) step! I applaud you for work on your 1%(s). BTW, the picture on top of this blog captivated me. So calm and soothing. 🙂 Have a great week!

    1. Don’t be scared to make the wring choice. There isn’t one. Seriously, just go for one, and if it doesn’t work pivot. Someone once said to me “fail fast That way, if you do make the wrong choice you have learnt something and adapted to succeed quicker than just waiting. I tried Instagram and now on TikTok. I’ve not even reached my potential on TikTok but I intend to take it 1% at a time.

  2. I like your statement, “Without encouragement many people give up on their goals and slide back into their old routines.”. This is why I like to submit my monthly stats for review on the first of every month. It’s the actual review that helps me keep myself away from stagnation.

    But my 1% – currently my finances will very shortly – not allow work on my paid traffic strategy. Therefore, day-by-day I need to move my passive traffic strategy forward.
    Robert Klein recently posted…Freeze FrameMy Profile

  3. I love your post!!!!!!
    This is exactly what I’ve been working on over the last 7 months with health, family, business. I mean I do sometimes fall into the bad habit or fall for that limiting thought, but come back. It’s a battle, I win some I lose some but I never stop fighting to win. With those little changes I know my mind has improved, but long way to go. My health has improved, little by little. It really does work. It will work as long as we don’t quit. sometimes it feels like walking in the sand, it takes longer but eventually if we don’t stop we get there 🙂
    Thanks again.
    Denny Medeiros recently posted…The Unexpected 🤷My Profile

    1. It’s like walking in sand for sure! But when you feel better, the pride you will have will feel like nothing else. We will get there, and the celebrations will certainly be earnt!

  4. I want to encourage you! Remember, just weeks ago, you weren’t doing any of this. Look how far you’ve come! It’s not sexy to continue with your daily routine day in and out, but it’s progress, not stagnation!
    My 1% improvement is going to seem significant this week. I’ve got to figure out how you actually make a YouTube video. I don’t know how I’m going to manage that! People seem to think it’s easy, so I guess I’ll figure it out 🙂
    I’ve been reading Atomic Habits, too. I like the idea that as I create good habits, and more and more is done by rote, I’ll free up time to grow in stuff I’m learning and improving.
    Please remember: don’t beat yourself up! As James says, habits (and mindset, for that matter) take time to develop.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Good habits are hard to create for yourself. The bad ones though are so easy to fall back into. Isn’t that interesting 🤔 Unfortunately, we have to do the 1%, and do the things we don’t like in life from time to time to get what we want, and to get what is important to all of us. It does pay off when you stick to them in time. Patience and dedication is what will get you there. Great post! Thank you.
      Meredith Moore recently posted…Optimizing Your Business For SuccessMy Profile

    2. I need to figure YouTube out too. My main worry is talking about something for so long. I don’t think I speak that much in a day never mind all in one go! Good luck and let mw know when you’re up and running, I’d love to follow your journey

  5. Great post, great perspective. I am definitely a culprit of thinking I am not doing enough, and not recognizing how all the little things, like that 1%, adds up to big results. Consistency and Mindset are everything in success, you can be told this a million times but until it really sinks in nothing changes.

    1. I am the same. I have to admit, I’m not sure if it has totally sank in yet as I quickly become overwhelmed and have to keep reminding myself about 1%.

  6. You hit the nail on the head. So many people go head-on at 100 miles an hour, and when they realize that any normal human could not possibly keep up the pace long-term, they stop and throw their hands in the air. We live in a society of instant gratification; unfortunately, the whole world promotes it. It’s not reality. Slow and steady wins the race. Doing something every day creates habits long-term. Putting unrealistic expectations on yourself is a recipe to failure. The one percent rule will provide you with long-term success without pressure. Your time is going to go by no matter what. Why not make the small changes now for your future? It doesn’t have to be a grandiose gesture to impact your life.

    1. It does promote it and I often have to sit back and take in some reality. It can get overwhelming if you’re not careful. Slow and steady does win the race thank you for the reminder.

    1. You are right, as always. Trouble is everything is a Priority at the moment. I need to be everywhere at the same time putting 100% effort into everything. I’m hoping it will pay off one day.

  7. Thank you for sharing your insightful perspective on the power of incremental change. Your analogy of the 1% shift in various scenarios highlights the significance of small improvements over time. I appreciate the reminder to focus on consistent progress rather than expecting immediate, dramatic results. Your personal reflection on the need for continuous improvement resonates deeply, reminding us all to strive for growth and evolution in our endeavors. Your commitment to taking actionable steps, such as mapping out goals and implementing changes, is truly inspiring. Here’s to embracing the journey of constant improvement, one percent at a time! Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Rich Baba, Poor Baba – sounds familiar!My Profile

  8. Sarah,
    Thanks for sharing the power of 1%. In a world of possibilities, 1% does seems minuscule, but it harbors immense power. Like a seed in fertile soil, it holds potential for transformative growth. Embracing incremental progress, even in small doses, can yield profound change. Nurture these seeds of growth with dedication, and witness them blossom into the garden of your aspirations. Each small step forward contributes to the journey of profound transformation.

    Keep focused and consistent and you will begin to see the 1% start to add up.

  9. Sarah,
    Isn’t it amazing how even a tiny 1% improvement can create a big impact? It might sound small, but making a commitment to enhance something by just 1% or doing 1% more can lead to remarkable results! Right now, my personal 1% goal is to dedicate time every day to learn more about YouTube. Juggling two jobs makes this feel like a real achievement, haha! But I’m sticking to it because I’ve decided to prioritize YouTube as my main platform. And I believe having a positive mindset is key to all of this. Keeping that positivity flowing is absolutely essential!

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