How To Be A Famous Pop Star

Let me set the scene….. I’m driving my daughter and her friend back to our house after a long day at school for a Christmas sleepover.  The air is cold and crisp and the sun is setting. There is excitement in the air due to a combination of Christmas but also a sleepover with your bestie.

The plan of the night has already been determined by two eight year olds, step by step, minute by minute weeks before today. I was even handed a shopping list for everything that was NEEDED to make the night perfect.

I picked them both up after school to commence the Christmas sleepover.

Everything prepped and ready as per instruction.

On the way home, Christmas songs came on the radio. Both girls singing at the top of their voices, pencils in hand as their microphone. We were all signing like no one was listening but then I was asked to not sing and be the back up singer and not sing all the words! Can you believe it?

As we approached home, they asked if they could keep on singing, swapping the pencils found in the car for the classic  hairbrush microphone. Of course, this was a huge “yes,” and they carried on with their own imaginary pop concert in the kitchen. YET AGAIN I was asked to be the backing singer. I obliged, as I was just pleased they wanted me involved in their play BUT it did get me thinking.

I have been a back up singer for a lot of  people, supporting them and ensuring they all shine in their own way, and probably forgetting to be a pop star in my own life. Surely we should be the popstar in our own song? right?

This has made me seek Change Number 2- IF NOTHING CHANGES, NOTHING CHANGES

I have a dog, I have a gym membership, and yet I’m still not as active as I should be- This needs to change.

Recently, with break through number 2 I have been the popstar. I have been the main character in my story, I have made myself important.

I have been setting an alarm on my phone and leaving it on the dressing table when I go to bed, meaning when the alarm goes off, I can’t just turn over and turn it off, I HAVE to get out of bed to turn it off, meaning I am then up to start my day. I get everything I need for a dog walk the night before so the mornings are slightly easier. I have been getting up consistently slightly earlier to take the dog out for a morning walk.

Has this been easy? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Has this been pleasant? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Would a popstar get up early to walk their dog? Probably not

Do I fail some mornings? Yep

We are mid Winter, it is freezing and cold. What am I thinking?

Has it been worth it? YES YES YES YES YES

Do I feel better for it? DEFINIETLY  

In addition, I am also not running around in the mornings sorting lunch boxes, uniform, breakfasts. Getting up just slightly earlier makes the mornings feel a lot less pressured or stressful. I am going to work calmer and attack the challenges with a clearer mindset.

If you are in a similar boat to me, or if any of this resonates with you, I would encourage you to set the alarm for at least 20 mins earlier (more if you need to walk the dog!). I understand that the dog walk isn’t for everyone but getting up before the house wakes up is worth every minute.  It allows you to grab a bit of  you time before the chaos starts. Get the kettle on, breathe, and even put a happy song on, and be THE POPSTAR. Whatever makes you smile- do that!

I have set a personal target of using my gym membership too. For my general fitness of course, but again to make time for me. For me to feel like I’m important too- like a pop star!

Let me know by leaving a comment if you try it and if it helps. I would love to know if I am helping anyone. I would also love to hear of other ideas that have helped you too.



Change 1- drinking more water ( with the addition of Rheal)

Change 2 – Setting the alarm slightly earlier for a bit of YOU time,


Follow me for Change Number 3


Smartie G




26 thoughts on “How To Be A Famous Pop Star

  1. Love it!!!! I am impressed you were allowed to sing along at all…. when I used to pick up my girls and they had friends with them I was under strict orders not to speak at all! In fact, having broken the rule on one occasion, my daughter asked our next-door neighbor if she would not mind picking her up from the school disco!

    But I do like the idea of being the star of our own show, what a great analogy, we need to put ourselves front and center every now and then if we are to progress and grow,

    Once again, thanks for a great blog

  2. Us parents are always the backing singers!! This innocent play that children do is so important and unfortunately it’s beaten out of us as adults. It’s something we need to keep and use in growing our businesses. It’s time for you to be the main event. You are doing great and you will achieve your goals, it only takes time and determination. I look forward to your number one single!! All the best. Atif

  3. That’s awesome, love how they include you! your post got me evaluating all those I play back up for, and past ones, which appreciated it and which took advantage. I had to make a decision to focus on myself more, be the star. I also know the feeling of being up before everyone else in my family. it’s a nice quiet time to start your mind right. thanks for your post! looking forward to future posts.

    1. Thank you for the comment. It’s now our turn. It’s now our time to do what we want to do and build the life we want! It’s been hard juggling Christmas too!!! ha ha

  4. I like your analogy, It was once said to me, if you don’t take care of yourself how do you expect to take care of others? All of us need time to be the rock star so we can replenish our mind, body and soul and have the energy to help our family with the things they need.
    For me getting up an walking at 5:00 am has been great. I may need to lay back down but I’m working on getting in better health and have more stamina so I don’t have to lay back down. This is journey and seeing your blog provides encouragement to keep getting up and taking one step at time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love that you have that connection with your daughter. I can remember when my boys where young. A song came on the radio and I started singing it. My kids asked, “How do you Know this song?” My answer, “That song has been around for a long time”… Little did I know, it was a remake by a very popular band at the time. It came out just a few days before… I told them that I had “Inside Connections” 🤣(They believed me for a little while at least)
    Those are moments that us old people cherish forever! Keep up with those commitments, those will turn into building blocks for your success! Enjoyed your post, It made me SMILE!


    1. That’s so funny. I might use that one next time!
      I’m so grateful for the time she wants to spend with me, because I believe they don’t talk as much and just grunt when they get a bit older!
      Thank you for your support, the comments really encourage me to keep going.

  6. So, true, “if nothing changes, nothing changes.” Getting up early is a struggle, I am one of those people who set the alarm for the last moment before I need to go off to work, but finding time for help is important, I am glad you found your method of making this happen!

    1. Don’t get me wrong, recently it has been TOUGH. I’ve been so tired, especially at this time of year. I still have done it which I’m proud of but I’ve certainly had to have a few stern words with myself!
      I really appreciate the comment and support

  7. I wonder what could be change number 3?😉 Good habits are often paired with discipline. Discipline goes along with efforts and commitment. These qualities are, for sure, going to be your best resources to keep the right jobs done in affiliate marketing. Well done!

    1. Thank you for commenting. Self discipline has been so hard recently. It’s been so cold and I could really do with the extra sleep, especially at this time of year BUT I continue. Hopefully it will all pay off

  8. Really great read and so so relatable! I remember many times driving along with the kids in the back singing up a storm..such great memories. I also well remember putting everyone else first before myself. It is awesome you are making the shift to put yourself first 👏👏 as the popstar, no longer the back up singer I love that! Couldn’t agree more in that nothing changes if nothing changes. Look forward to following your journey and reading your future posts 💯😊

    1. Thank you for commenting. Self discipline has been so hard recently. It’s been so cold and I could really do with the extra sleep, especially at this time of year BUT I continue. Hopefully it will all pay off

  9. Well done for being able to stick with your changes.

    For me, I try to exercise for 10 minutes everyday, 5 minutes if I am feeling extremely lazy.

    But sometimes, good intention is not enough, at least for me. Still trying.

  10. Great post Sarah,

    You really had me wanting to start singing too. haha.. I think what you wrote is fantastic. I have also tried to get up earlier. But, I haven’t moved my clock or phone to the other side of the room, so, yup I hit the snooze way to much. I do think this is a great idea and I will give it a shot as well. But tomorrow is the day after Christmas and I get to sleep late. 🙂 But I will start on Tuesday Jan 2nd and I know if I do get up earlier then I won’t be running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done last minute.

    I can’t wait to see the next post! Keep up the great work.. I’m following you.


  11. I totally agree that we need to be the pop star in our own song. I LOVE the fact that you are getting up early to get things done. I started doing this about a month ago and I am so much more productive during the day for that little change. I look forward to following your progress!

  12. Hi Smartie G.
    I agree with you, changes are not easy. We seem to be running on autopilot all the time, but to start a change we need to do that first step.
    I can recommend you to find a Mel Robbins book or recording about 5 Second rule, very helpful.
    Also, start counting your days when you followed your new habit. The rule is, that if you miss one day, you start from 0 again, and write it down in your calendar. When You are counting the days of your new habit like drinking water and when you see the number growing it would be difficult to stop.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you want to change @ number three.

  13. The earlier I rise, the more time I have to meditate and contemplate. The dog walking comes later. Lately I’ve noticed several dog walks every day is best for me and the small pack of dogs (2) I presently have!

    Shifts in perception are an inside job!

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