Unexpected Kindness

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change. It catches us by surprise and brings out the best in our nature.” Bob Kerrey

This week, KINDNESS has been the key word in our household. The word has popped up quite a lot in many different scenarios . In MY world I have been advised to “kill it with kindness” mainly in my 9-5. This to me is a new skill, my natural way of dealing with difficult situations is just to stand and fight, tell people the facts and walk away. As I have got older, time has taught me to sit back, think and then act. This week I was able to turn very awkward conversations into a much more positive experience. I have neutralised the negativity by paying them a compliment and have gone above and beyond to show my team how to be kind. PLEASE NOTE there is a time and place for this and isn’t always effective- which I have also learnt! 

My daughter has seen kindness on the playground. She has developed a new friendship group and kindness has played a huge role in that. This friendship started with a random act of kindness that sparked a conversation and blossomed- There is nothing quite like being at the receiving end of a random act of kindness and truth be told, being at the giving end isn’t too shabby either!

Science even backs this up! When we help others, its good for our health and vitality, improving emotional resilience, boosting immune systems, and reducing susceptibility to depression and anxiety.

Even better? Your kind act could have a long-term afterglow effect of your recipient.

According to Jeff Haden, author of Transform: Dramatically Improve Your Career, Business, Relationship, and Life……One Simple Step At A Time: “If you really want to brighten someone’s day, do the unexpected. The effect could last a lifetime”.  

I completely agree and can vouch for the long-lasting effects of unexpected kindness. Even if it does come in a roundabout way. From my teaching days, I remember getting my first job and being mentored by a lovely lady who was on the brink of retirement. She said, people don’t remember what you say necessarily, they remember HOW YOU MAKE THEM FEEL

What has this got to do with affiliate marketing?

EVERYTHING!!! In the early stages, especially and throughout it is essential to BLOG HOP. What??? No, I’ve not made this phrase up as it’s nearly Easter. Blog hopping (blog links, link parties) is to connect bloggers in a specific niche, with a secondary goal of sharing readerships with those other than bloggers.

What are blog hops good for?

  • Comments- social proof
  • Boost comments and therefore engagement!
  • Relationships with others in your niche
  • Increased traffic may lead to increased subscribers.
  • Potential new friends
  • To be inspired

Celebrate someone’s hard work  

As a relatively new blogger, I spend a lot of time during the weekend and sometimes during the week, reading and commenting on blogs. Not only in the “Internet profit” community but everywhere. I have learnt a lot from others but also made some friendships and therefore gain more knowledge. Spend the time to blog hop, share the love and the kindness. I promise you will get it back in spades.

Recently, I had a very talented blogger comment on my blog. The words she used were incredibly kind, and it made my day. I smiled all day and even made a TikTok from it.  It got 2,938 views and 234 likes…. This was brilliant for my engagement on TikTok but it was lovely that Lauren received the credit and engagement too. A Win Win some may say!

Paying it forward

This is the essential part, don’t be a sponge. If you receive kindness in your comments on your blog, ensure you comment on theirs, and others. If you receive an act of kindness, pay it forward to someone else. Receiving kindness feels good, but being kind feels amazing.


No act of kindness however small is ever wasted.



15 thoughts on “Unexpected Kindness

  1. Sarah, you are such an inspiration, to myself and I KNOW to others as well. I have so much appreciation and admiration that you are writing about this very topic while documenting your journey into your new business… because kindness, positivity, and and flat-out good deeds will breed the same actions in return. This is what I call Karma.. but the good kind that comes back to you, 10-fold. You’re leading by example and this is something that you should be exceptionally proud of! Topics such as kindness need to be discussed on this journey, because it’s something so simple that it often becomes overlooked (and it shouldn’t be).

    And WOW! Thank you for the shout out above! Although I’m still blushing over here… I must say, you make it easy for me to give such positive comments: your blogs are filled with such positive energy and they are always enjoyable to read. It’s ME who should be thanking YOU!

    1. Thank you again Lauren. I really dread what negative people deal with in a day. Don’t get me wrong, we all have down days but its how you deal with it that matters. The smallest act of kindness could mean everything to someone.my mum always said, treat people how you would liked to be treated yourself- it’s a old saying but very true to this day x

  2. No matter what a person is doing, trying to get started online – blogging, videos, for whatever reason, it’s not easy. It’s so nice to have supportive people, who understand it’s not easy, and understand the value of showing kindness and doing the little things that can help other people out.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      This is so true with kindness.. That’s how I go about life in general. I try to be kind to all, and the ones that don’t know how to return the favor I just kill them with more kindness. Sometimes it will turn them around and make them think, OMG, I was just so rude to her and she’s so kind to me, or it doesn’t do a thing for some people! Those are the people that just aren’t happy people, and that’s sad… This was a great post! You always do such a great job with your post. I always look forward to reading them. A lot of good information. Thank you!
      Meredith Moore recently posted…Crafting And Completing My Link Tree & Venturing into Social MediaMy Profile

      1. I’ve met a couple of people like that, and you’re right it is sad. We can only control how we deal with the situation. There are a lot of lovely and kind people out there, and we should let the grumpy ones spoil it for us. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. The Dali Lama says kindness is his religion. I love that. Random acts of kindness came into vogue a few years ago and hasn’t left the public sphere. I love smiling to people and offering a friendly word. This kind of exchange is easier when you have a dog or two, especially when the other person has a dog.

    Nevertheless, dog or no dog, people deserve all the love they can get!!

  4. Sarah, that’s a great blog and a great sentiment around kindness. It’s not hard to be kind to people and it makes their day and makes you feel good. Positivity all round. But unfortunately some people make it their business to be unkind. I’ve seen that a lot in the last week with the comments, I’ve been receiving on TikTok. But I treat it with sarcasm and humour and it’s actually their problem. Not mine. I’ve been watching all your videos they really good. Keep going it will only get better and better. Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…The TikTok Chronicles: A Week on TikTok Unpacked!My Profile

    1. No, It’s not hard, and its even free and people still don’t take the option. I know. I’ve seen the comments and was disgusted when I read them. You have done an incredible job of ignoring them, and you’re right, it is certainly their problem- can you even imagine living that way? No thanks!

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Definitely holds true. My blog entry for this week was about laughter and how important it is! Between the both of us, I’m sure that laughter and kindness can definitely become contagious.
    Wishing you many smiles and even more acts of kindness!
    All the best,

  6. Sarah,

    The first thing that comes to mind is “A soft answer turns away wrath”. This is a bible quote. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that we control our mind and actions to every situation. No one can make us mad, or sad, or lash out or get upset regardless of their actions. Letting a person steel a moment from us is a choice we make. Eleanor Roosevelt said it this way, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. The same goes for any feeling or action some else portrays is toward another.

    This is easy to say but is difficult to put into action. Each day is a new day that we must decide that we will control our life not others.

    Be kind one to another.

  7. Sarah – I have decided to finish my day with commenting on this post. What a great way to end a long day with reading something so positive. Kindness is so important. Each day I ask for the gift to be kind and look for ways to show it and your post reminds me of my commitment. So, thank you! And, yes, Lauren is incredible. Some of her comments on my blog have made my day as well. Have a great week!

  8. Sarah,
    We can all learn a lot from this post. Kindness is so important in life. We must remember to be kind to everyone we meet. And this blog hopping thing, it is always nice to receive a kind comment from a fellow blogger. I know you felt great after getting the comment from a talented blogger. Look at you getting getting all famous yourself!

  9. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for this post, on the power of kindness. I loved you sharing your daughter’s experience on the playground. It is an important lesson and one she will look back on for years to come.

    It is the little things that matter and so awesome of you to think of those that make a difference in your life and when you recognize them you benefit as well!!

    It’s a win/win
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…When Thoughts and Beliefs AlignMy Profile

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