Be Careful Of The Chimp!

Does anyone else have a link friend? I don’t know if that’s really even a name for it? Let me explain what I mean.

A link friend is a friend that sends you links to hilarious content- mainly TikToks.  Ones that they know ONLY you will find hilarious because they do too and nobody else would understand. Links that make you laugh out loud, you watch time and time again and possibly share with others. These friends are very special, more like sisters from another lifetime. You don’t need to speak every day; you may not actually see each other for months but when you do it was like yesterday. Voice notes are typically 90% of how you catch up and keep in touch with each other because of day to day of life.

If you don’t, find one. Or is this friendship called something else? Please let me know in the comments.

Mine is guaranteed to brighten up my day, even when times have been hard, she always knows how to make me laugh the bad days away.

This week, I received some that made me laugh A LOT, but there was also a link to Steven Bartlett’s (Diary of a CEO) podcast. It was the episode where he is talking to Steve Peters- The Mindset Doctor. – If you’ve not listened to this episode, please do take the time to listen.

Steve talks about the human brain having 3 systems -put very simply obviously as it is a lot more complex than this!

Human system. This system thinks very logically but it’s very slow. This means when we operate the human system our bodies and our reflexes will slow down because we’re analysing as we go. This makes us more pensive which can be good in certain circumstances but it’s awful in fast moving environments.

Chimp System – This is a primitive system, it’s more than just a reaction and impulsive system it thinks. When it moves it can move at speed, but it thinks emotionally so this is the part of his brain that will think thoughts that not helpful. It’s a part of our brain that acts impulsively, without regard for the consequences.

Computer System– This is like a computer which just needs programming. The key to the computer system, is it moves so fast! It’s approximately 20 times quicker than the human system and it’s about four times quicker than the chimp system. It doesn’t analyse or think, it is automatic thinking, so it works like a computer. Commonly known as autopilot! If you put an obstacle in its way, it will stop because it wouldn’t know what to do and you need to think. It stores memories, providing advice from past experiences.

Starting out as an affiliate marketer, there are some systems currently more prominent than others.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I am taking step-by-step guides to set up Workflows and Optin forms which need a logical brain for and I’m working through them slowly. This is all very new now, but as I use “Affiliate System” more frequently, I am sure it will transform to my computer system, and it will flow as easily as riding a bike.  Not just leaning new computer skills but also attitude. We need to programme our brains to be confident and that we do belong in this space.

I have spent many weeks feeling behind in training, and that others are pushing on ahead. This naturally is demotivating. This week, after listening to the podcast, I have consciously tried to re programme my computer to automatically think I am welcome, and I do belong. I have used my determination and dare I say stubbornness again, to get up to date with the training. As I write this blog post, I am up to date with the weekly training AND I have had the opportunity to develop my skills in other areas. I am working to programme my belief.

I am also currently working on my chimp system; this is one that we all need to be careful of! (A sentence which I never thought I’d type!) This system is very powerful and acts with emotion. This can be very destructive and one that can damage your dream about becoming an affiliate marketer. NOTICE when it starts to pant hoot- yes, I googled it and that it was a chimp noise is called. I dare you not to laugh at that!

The signs of pant hooting can be:

You feel anxious, vulnerable, and not worthy.

This system is very short term and doesn’t think of the consequences, it acts without permission- this needs to be controlled.

If you feel it raising, it’s head. TRAP IT in its cage. It’s important to recognise the signs and do something about it immediately. Take a minute before spirals out of control. Do what makes you happy. For me it’s exercise and being around the people I love.

Talking positively, even when you’re having a bad day- This works wonders, especially if its about you.

You ARE worthy, you ARE incredible, and I BELIEVE in you.


I’d love to know how you trap your chimp- let me know in the comments!


27 thoughts on “Be Careful Of The Chimp!

  1. So glad to hear that you’ve caught up…then again we are all taking this at our own pace and it’s best never to think that we are ever behind.

    Now let me give you a little snort at your mention of a pant-hoot. I’ve never heard it quite put that way but I know the feeling of this system raising its head.

    Be careful of the Chimp – indeed! To keep my balance I work out three times per week with one of those days with a trainer. He has helped me do wonders for myself and I am on track to hitting my target weight; keeping the blood pressure down and avoiding being called out for having diabetes!

    But that chimp – It takes me a little bit – but I eventually trap it…usually just in the nick of time. That chimp typically jumps out at me at times that I am infuriated with something that deserves a nasty digital response. I typically type it all out – then to trap the chimp – I delete it immediately. Experience has taught me to try and express anything online – positively. Negativity never got my anywhere except in trouble lol.

    1. You are 100% right. We are all at different stages and that is perfect for the individual. It is something I definitely need to work on, being ok and at peace with my progress.
      I like to walk, especially at weekends when time isn’t as precious, being out in the fresh air really helps to cage the chimp for longer. Well done for staying on track with your own personal goals.
      Positivity is key- don’t feed the chimp!

  2. This is all great stuff! I feel like this helps people feel more connected and they are not in this alone. Keep up the amazing work you are doing not only on yourself, but in your business!!

  3. I have never heard the term “link friend” but I love it and I have a few of those friends! They really do brighten the day as the get “me” whoever that is on any given day! I am happy you are caught up. I am needing to catch up on my work myself and your post is encouraging that it is possible to work at a pace that is comfortable. I refuse to give up and be lazy, but I also am impatient – something to work on. Thanks for great read and have a great week!

    1. My chimp system is yet uncontrolled and often dominant. Results are that taking a decision is stressful, taking the right path is never done with confidence, and I always avoid complex emotional discussions or situations. I take a decision on the point, impulsively, without thinking too much. Maybe that I’m too lazy to take a thoughtful well prepared decision. So my human system asked the computer system to reprogram the chimp system before it gets totally out of control. This is still a work in progress.
      I’m glad you catched up with your trainings. You proved your able to commit to what you have to do and persevere until you reach your milestone!
      Kind regards,

      1. I’m really pleased I was able to learn about it all, as simple at it was, as I now know what the chimp is and try and cage it if needed! We are all a work in progress. Perfection is the lowest standard.

  4. What a great post Smartie! I am amazed at the power of the brain and our thinking process. It brings me back to what the Bible says. “As a man thinks, so is he”. Yes, our thoughts can create our future. Thank you for sharing the podcast. That is very insightful.
    Keep on keeping on for your will succeed in all you do. Never give up.

  5. I too have a few ‘link friends’ and I do truly look forward to hearing from them. They brighten my days. Ow for the Chimp…that rascal is a true menace, lol. He is the keeper of all my bad habits as well! I chase him out daily, but he tries to sneak back in almost immediately! He does work for bribes though, I ply the Chimp with a few minutes surfing online then I send him packing. Most days the Chimp is only a pain for a few minutes instead of hours. Lol! Eventually, maybe I can find a Zoo to take it!
    Thanks for the insight!

  6. Hi Sarah,
    There is a book titled, The Chimp Paradox, that I purchased a while ago and I think it covers a similar idea of the chimp mindset. It’s on my list and will read as you are right we must be mindful of this as it could and does stop us in our tracks. I had that experience this week and had to quickly adjust my thinking, otherwise, I knew exactly where I was heading!

    I love the idea of link friends as this does help to shift my mood.

    The other thing I do is walk at least 10,000 steps a day as I enjoy walking trails and taking pictures of nature.

  7. Link friends are the best, and I can always depend on mine for a smile! And the same with the chimp system; I find that when I surround myself with people who know my goals and are holding me accountable, it can help me get through the days when my “chimp mind” takes over. My best friend and I are on different paths, but we are both creating our own businesses, so we joke a lot, saying we are trying to make flowers grow from s***, and we check in daily and often to make sure our mindset and growth is in the right direction, we are tending to our flowers, and slowly watching them grow inch by inch! If you check out my blog post this week, I talk about the power of a mastermind. This can also be a great way to tackle any signs of pant hooting and keep you on track and motivated!

    1. They are brilliant aren’t they? That’s lovely that you are both on different paths, but can also check in and relate to each other. I will check it out, thank you so much

  8. I feel like I don’t have the luxury of time to be lured into.activities that drain me. I keep revising my best productivity habits and times when I get the most done. I used to meditate first thing but that time is when I get the most done. Now I meditate as a reward and do what I call non-negotiable tasks as soon as I get up. Still no email or fb scrolling until later in the day. Also, once the non-negotiables are off the table, I can do the learning in the platforms Dean provides for us.

    My non-negotiable tasks are daily blog posts, daily podcasts and daily videos!

    1. Wow! That sounds brilliant. I do organise each day, and set out each tasks to achieve on a particular day. With having a young family, some tasks go out the window or moved to other days. I’m enjoying my journey and learning lots, so my heart is full.
      Thank you for reading my blog post x

  9. I had never heard of Pant-Hooting, so like you I looked it up…

    Pant-hoot chorusing in chimpanzees is a facilitative method of social bonding between males in a population and can be indicative of the level of affiliation between members in a party.

    So in answer to your question about traping the chimp, whilst I try not to fling my feces, I do little to trap it, and as far as Pant-Hooting, for us males,, that surley has to be encouraged!

    I enjoyed reading the post, thanks so much

  10. Hi Sarah, I’ve learned something today. I will never again think of chimps and not laugh. Just a bit of constructive criticism, I hope you don’t mind. There were a few mistypes I noticed – “sings” instead of “signs” for example. Love the post though.

  11. Great post,

    Yes i have one of those friends and very thankful that I do.
    Interesting way to talk about the chimp and i did save the link to the pod cast to listen when i have a moment. Great job.

  12. What an excellent description of our brain compartmentalization! I believe all of these experiences are that which make us human (whether welcomed or not). Learning how to “tame” that Chimp System… or at least keep it in its place, is the art of being successful (like you said). One of the best books I ever read was “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. He talks about the ego and its place in our lives. I think Steve Bartlett is describing something similar to what Tolle wrote about but in a different way, and I love his analogy. Tolle mentions that there’s a time in a place where we can utilize the ego (chimp system) but unfortunately we over utilize it significantly more than we should.
    Thank you for sharing the perspective, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  13. Sarah, thank you very interesting blog. Yes I have friends like that and family where I can send them stuff and I know that they only understand. It’s like when I meet my cousins after years which is carry on where we left off. Regarding the chimp mindset definitely one that I avoid. It’s consequences that affect us and our future so preventing this happening in the first place should be the goal. So definitely no chips for me. Thanks, Atif

  14. Great post,
    One of the first things I read when I fire up my laptop or desktop is a Daily Motivation. Has it drastically changed my life? Unsure; but one thing is for sure: even if I’m usually a very positive person, I’ve become an even more positive one!
    Looking forward to reading your continued success!

  15. It’s tricky, we can’t actually make any decisions without emotions – if we don’t desire anything we won’t do anything, but it’s easy to get manipulated because of our emotions and irrational fears can make us do some very destructive things. It sounds like the “chimp brain” is similar to what some people call the “lizard brain”, but I like chimp brain better – I can relate to the hooting chimp.

  16. Sarah,

    Thanks for the reference to the mind doctor. Studying the mind & how it works & how we effectively program is a hobby I hope to blog about in the future.

    Like the parts of the brain there are complex systems in affiliate marketing as well. As you mentioned, sometimes they are slow but as we study & implement them they slowly become second nature.

    That is why we need to stop & track our progress because we adapt not really how far we’ve come.

    Isn’t the mind a fascinating thing.

    Have a great day & look forward to listening to the mind doctor.


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