The Little Things Matter, And Time Goes Incredible Quickly

The day that I’ve been dreading has finally come. It was terrible.

My Daughter has recently asked me to put all her dolls into the attic. My heart dropped.

I’m the kind of mum that sobbed watching Toy Story when Andy wanted his toys in the attic, I used to think “That poor mum, I hope she’s ok” I had so much sympathy for a fictional character, but I felt the real heart ache this week.

I feel robbed, I wanted more time of her being little and playing with her dolls and getting them dressed for their tea parties. During Covid, we even dressed up in black tie for her doll’s graduation. Now she wants to put them in the attic. WHAT?    


Where did the time go? When I think back, yes, there were lots of cuddle and family times, but I also feel like there was a lot of e-mails, spreadsheets and deadlines. I am very guilty of not breathing and being in the moment. My mind being elsewhere and not having quality time frequently. I remember playing dolls with her, while putting a load of washing on, cleaning the kitchen or taking deep breaths if the dolls “accidently” spilt their food and water in the room that I had JUST cleaned. How do parents work full time, maintain a clean house, ensure everyone has everything they need at the right time with a full stomach and not slowly go insane? 

Read my previous blog- There are way worse mums than you for my comfort in this area!

For any parent reading this blog, I may have found an answer for you. I have now found a way, that you can be at home, while also having an income. Meaning, you can be in the moment, have time for the children and even make money from cooking dinner.

Affiliate Marketing: Your Secret Weapon

 Enter the magical world of affiliate marketing.

For the uninitiated, affiliate marketing is like getting a commission for recommending products you love. Think of all those times you’ve recommended a toy, programme or teething product to a fellow parent- you could have been paid for it!

Affiliate marketing can give you a future of financial freedom and flexibility allowing you to attend school events without taking annual leave. You may even have time on your hands to help the PTA and bake for the cake stall- or is that too optimistic? 


Here are some ideas that could help you achieve that dream

Family Reviews: The Ultimate Test Drive Picture this: You’re playing the latest board game with your family. Instead of just playing for fun (which is also just lovely), why not review it? Record your family’s hilarious attempts to understand the rules, the inevitable tantrums, and the sweet victory dances. Post this on your blog or YouTube channel with affiliate links to the game- You’re now a family game critic.

Cooking Disasters Turned Delights Remember those pancake sessions? Film them! Share your family’s secret (or not-so-secret) recipe for the fluffiest pancakes and link to the ingredients and cookware. Your chaotic kitchen can become a content goldmine. Plus, people love seeing real families (mess and all) rather than perfect, unattainable Instagram kitchens.

Travel Diaries Family vacations are the best, and the worst, all at the same time. Document your trips, the highs, the lows, and the “I think we’re lost” moments. Share travel gear, accommodation recommendations, and travel hacks. People love real-life tips and stories, especially if they come with a dash of humour. Here are a family that have done exactly that and are now full time creators- Right Guys 

Parenting 101: The Real Deal Share your parenting tips, tricks, and the occasional epic fail. Honest, relatable content resonates with fellow parents. Recommend books, toys, educational apps, and anything else that makes parenting a tad easier.

The Fun Factor

The key to blending family time with affiliate marketing is to keep it fun and authentic. Don’t turn family moments into forced photo ops or scripted reviews. Be yourselves – quirky, messy, and wonderful. Your audience will appreciate the honesty, and you’ll find the whole process much more enjoyable.

Keep It Real, Keep It Fun

Family time is precious, messy, and irreplaceable. With a little creativity, you can share these moments with the world and make some extra cash through affiliate marketing. Remember, the goal isn’t to become the next big influencer overnight but to enjoy and cherish the time you have with your loved ones. If you can make a few £ while doing it, even better!

How to start your own Affiliate Marketing journey 

Like anything else in this world, you can do this on your own and you will achieve your goal. I personally opted to get help with a mentor called Dean Holland. This meant that when I hit a road block, I only needed to ask a question. I started this adventure by reading a book but if you want to know more, please comment below and I’ll take you through the steps that got me here today. Or please sign up to my weekly newsletter HERE  


The main point is cherish the chaos, the laughter, and even the tears. Let’s be present and enjoy the little things that make life so rich. Because, in the end, it’s the small moments that make up the big picture. And that picture? It’s pretty darn amazing.

Family time isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s crucial. It’s the glue that holds us together, the balm for our souls after a long, stressful week. When we spend time with our loved ones, we’re reminded of what’s truly important – love, connection, and a good laugh at dad’s terrible jokes.


11 thoughts on “The Little Things Matter, And Time Goes Incredible Quickly

  1. Such a great post! How to turn something that is a very real life situation that can break your heart into millions of pieces and then still look at how it can be turned into a profitable business!
    One thing is for sure, one day, your daughter will look back and come to you and say: “thank you mom; those are great memories”.
    All the best!

  2. Hi Friend! My favorite line from your post is “Be yourselves – quirky, messy, and wonderful.” I believe that we don’t often celebrate what makes us unique. At times we are all a bit quirky and messy but with the right intentions and the right attitude we are truly wonderful! Even when life is not wonderful, we are wonderfully made to be who we are. I remember the day well when my daughter stopped playing with her stuffed animals and when my boys didn’t play with their hot wheel cars as much and eventually put them away. It was like the chapter ended and I was not ready for it to end. I actually grieved when that part of their lives came to conclusion. And then something wonderful happened. One of my sons now has children and they have found the old toys and started playing with them. It is like a different Toy Story moment as the toys came out of the attic this time. They see my grandchildren playing with the same toys that my children played with, I get to relive it in a different way and have different wonderful feelings. Thank you for your many incredible ideas on keeping affiliate marketing relevant, relatable and even, dare I say, profitable. I always enjoy reading your posts as I can tell they come from the heart and to me that is value! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week ahead!

  3. Thank you for this heartfelt post! Your experience of transitioning from the everyday hustle to cherishing the precious moments with your daughter is incredibly relatable and touching. It’s a stark reminder of how quickly time passes and the importance of being present with our loved ones. This is my driving force for starting my affiliate marketing business. Thank you for sharing your journey and offering a realistic pathway to balancing the demands of parenthood and business. I am looking forward to seeing your journey and how your transition into affiliate marketing helps you lead a fulfilling life. Let’s cherish those little moments because they indeed make up the big picture!

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I can totally understand that mix of emotions when your daughter wants to put away her dolls. It’s like a little piece of childhood slipping away. I’ve had some of those moments with my boys now that they’re getting older. 😥

    Finding that balance between work, chores, and quality family time is a constant challenge. I get it! Your perspective on affiliate marketing as a means to spend more time with your daughter while still generating income is truly insightful.

    Thanks so much for sharing your heartfelt journey and perspective. It’s a great reminder to savor those chaotic, laughter-filled moments, they’re what make life truly special!

    Meredith Moore recently posted…Optimizing Your Welcome Email Sequence: Strategies for Lasting ImpressionsMy Profile

    1. Thank you Meredith! Family life is so hectic and yet the best part of my world… I hate that it often comes second to everything- but NOT with affiliate marketing!

  5. Hey, Sarah!
    What a wonderful post!I feel for you as your daughter begins to grow up. You offer such great suggestions for families to incorporate affiliate marketing into their everyday lives. I especially love the idea of reviewing board games as the whole family tries to figure them out. Brilliant idea!

    Thanks for sharing your journey in such a heartfelt, open way. Your blog is refreshing and helpful!

    1. Thank you Nakina. Our family loved board games, and we don’t play them as often as we’d like, so that would be a perfect suggestion for a family! Thank you again for your comment

  6. You are a great writer! You can use your blog content for a book or a post for a lead magnet!

    The image elicited by your daughter wanting her toys to now be stored in the attic is a wonderful metaphor for “life goes on,” but we can cry about it, too. She is growing up! Boggles the mind. Her Dash is a work in progress!

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Such a great post! I know many parents will have watched their children grow up too fast. The moment your daughter asked to put her dolls in the attic must have been a shock!

    The fleeting nature of childhood and how quickly time passes.

    Yes, it’s The Little Things – the small moments — the tea parties, the graduations, and even the accidental spills — capture the essence of parenthood.

    Your honesty about the struggle to be present is something many parents will find relatable and comforting.

    Your introduction to affiliate marketing as a way to create more family time while generating income is totally cool.

    Your advice to “keep it real” ensures that the joy and essence of family life memories are preserved, making the journey more meaningful for both your family and your audience.

    In the end, your message is a powerful reminder to cherish the chaos, laughter, and tears.

    Thank you very much.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Clarity at the CrossroadsMy Profile

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