Top 10 Laws of Success: How to Win Big Without Losing Your Soul

I have recently listened to some training I have access to within Affiliate System with Dean Holland. It was a speech given by Louis Doughty. He shared some key principles for success that he has incorporated into his life to radically transform his situation from homeless, broke, schizophrenia, drug addict to becoming a massive success. The speech was incredible his 10 laws for success were real and motivating, which gave me some inspiration to create my own- just in case one day, I become super successful and need a speech too! 

  1. The Law of Getting Out of Bed

First things first: success starts with getting out of bed (and making your bed) I know, I know, your bed is the comfiest place on earth, but trust me, no one ever conquered the world by hitting the snooze button. So, kick off those covers, put on your big-kid pants, and seize the day! Or at least a cup of coffee. This is one of the first changes I made to my routine. These 1% changes really do matter to shift your trajectory. I get out of bed at least 1 hour before the rest of the family. This gives me time to have a cup of coffee in peace, and work on my business in a quiet environment. Please try it, even if its just 30 minutes, you’ll notice a difference to your morning routine, it won’t be stressful and rushed. 

  1. The Law of Setting Goals

Success without goals is like playing darts blindfolded. You might hit the target eventually, but we both know it would be better if you could see where you are throwing the dart. Set clear, achievable goals. Whether it’s mastering a new skill, saving up for that dream holiday, or simply trying not to burn your toast in the morning (easier said than done sometimes!), having goals gives you direction. 

Shout about your goals, tell as many people as you’d like. This hold you accountable- when you put it out there, you’re more likely to achieve it. 


  1. The Law of Hard Work

Sorry to state the obvious, but there’s no shortcut to success. It requires hard work, perseverance, and maybe a few sleepless nights. Many creators on short-form platforms boast about making insane amounts of money overnight but approach their stories with caution. If it were that easy, we’d all be lounging on sunbeds in the Maldives. This is a classic example of the Iceberg Effect: people see your success but not the effort and dedication behind the scenes. However, when we finally make it, think of the satisfaction and the smiles we’ll share. It will be SO worth it.

  1. The Law of Learning

Remember how your mum always said you should never stop learning? “Every day is a school day” I used to roll my eyes with a smirk when she said that. Turns out, she was right (as always!). Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, reading books, or taking online courses, learning keeps your brain sharp and ready for the next big thing. I was never academic in school. While my friends were getting prizes on speech day for their academic achievements, I was the proud winner of the sport prizes or famously “The kindliness and helpfulness” prize. Learning wasn’t for me…. It’s only as I’m getting older, I am now finding myself thirsty for knowledge and asking a lot more questions. You should try and ask at least 5 questions each day. Normally mine is “Why?” Always be curious and kind. 

If you are curious about the journey to affiliate marketing and want to learn more about how to make money online in a very patient and understanding community- then please look HERE. I couldn’t recommend it enough. 

Alternatively, you can always follow me on TikTok and send me a message. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Screen shot of TikTok


  1. The Law of Networking

From being little my dad would always say “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” He was kind of right. Building a solid network of friends, colleagues, and mentors can open doors you never knew existed. So, put yourself out there! Attend that awkward networking event, join that online forum, and don’t be afraid to slide into someone’s LinkedIn DMs. You never know where it might lead, or what you might learn. 


  1. The Law of Taking Risks

Let’s be real, success involves a fair amount of risk. Playing it safe is fine, but if you really want to hit it big, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone. I have personally found this really tricky and I’ve definitely not mastered it yet BUT I am taking bigger risks as I get further into this journey.  My advice is to start that business, apply for that dream job, an move to that city you’ve always wanted to live in. Worst case, you fail and learn a valuable lesson. Best case, you succeed and have an epic story to tell. Fail Forward Fast.


  1. The Law of Resilience

Life is going to throw curveballs at you. If it hasn’t, be prepared as it will. Nobody survives the curveballs, and the worst part is- you can’t see it coming.   But success is all about how you handle those setbacks.

“It ain’t about how hard you’re hit it’s about how you can get hit and keep moving forward.” Rocky Balboa



 Dust yourself off, get back up, and keep moving forward. Remember, every NO is one step closer to a YES!

  1. The Law of Balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy—and probably really stressed out. Finding a balance between work and life is crucial for long-term success. Make time for hobbies, make time for friends, and most importantly, take care of your health. Eat well, exercise and remember to smile. After all, you can’t enjoy your success if you’re too burnt out to get out of bed.


  1. The Law of Positivity

Negativity is a success killer. Negativity also breeds.  Keep a positive mindset, even when things get tough. Surround yourself with uplifting people, practice gratitude, and don’t let the little things get you down. Remember, a positive attitude attracts positive results—and makes you way more fun to be around. Find videos to comment on, search for blogs that inspire you and share positive energy. It will come back in bucketful’s.


  1. The Law of Gratitude

Last but definitely not least, always be grateful. Appreciate the small wins, the big victories, and everything in between. Gratitude keeps you grounded and reminds you of how far you’ve come. Plus, it’s just a nice way to live. Who doesn’t like a person who’s genuinely thankful?

So there you have it—MY 10 laws of success. Follow these, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next big thing. Or at the very least, you’ll be happier, more fulfilled, and have a lot more fun along the way.





12 thoughts on “Top 10 Laws of Success: How to Win Big Without Losing Your Soul

  1. You perfectly summed up these 10 laws from his perspective for success. I share his perspective so for me it is real and not just a perspective. I was really trying to find my favorite step that I couldn’t as they are all so good! I look at this like a sandwich from step one to getting out of bed to step 10 gratitude. Those are the pieces of bread on the end and everything else in the middle is the meat. What great content and great material to live by. Thank you for sharing this information and I’m probably going to print these steps off that you so eloquently summarized and place it near my desk as a reminder. Have a wonderful day and weekend my friend!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing your 10 laws of success! Your journey and insights are truly inspiring. I love how you emphasize starting each day with purpose and setting clear goals. It really sets the tone for success. Your dedication to learning, networking, and taking calculated risks shows true commitment to growth. And your reminder to maintain balance, positivity, and gratitude is so important in achieving long-term happiness and fulfillment. Keep shining and inspiring others on their own paths to success! 🌟

    Meredith Moore recently posted… Enhancing My Blog with Expert Advice From My Mentor Glenn: A Journey of Tweaks and TransformationMy Profile

    1. Thank you Meredith! I will try, I’ve made a good start this morning but I now need to do it for the rest of the week! Wish me luck!

  3. Hi Meredith,

    What an incredibly inspiring and practical post! Your 10 laws of success resonate and provide such a balanced approach to achieving our goals without losing sight of what truly matters. I appreciate how you’ve taken insights from Louis Doughty’s experience and distilled them into actionable steps we can all apply.

    The Law of Getting Out of Bed is such a simple yet profound start—I’ve noticed how much a calm morning routine can set the tone for the entire day. Your advice on goal-setting, hard work, and continuous learning also hit home. I especially loved the reminders about the importance of resilience and maintaining a positive mindset—so crucial when faced with life’s inevitable challenges.

    All the best.

    1. Thank you. ‘ve taken action this morning, my alarm wasn’t snoozed, the bed is made and I’ve had a productive morning! Day 1 done, I just need to do the same for the rest of the week.
      Many Thanks

  4. Hi Sarah,
    That was a great video and you summarized the key points another great talk was James Clear, author of Atomic Habits which begins with making your bed. (I was very happy I did at least that one (haha) So your day begins with a boost from completing a successful task in the morning and sets you up for a great day.

    And as he said even on your worst day you would feel better when you go to bed at night that you remember.
    At least I made my bed today.

    I think it is a great idea to come up with your own 10 Laws. I agreed with 99.9% (smile)

    1. I did laugh when he said that. I’ve not snoozed and made my day everyday so far….but its not even been a week yet! lol
      Smile should DEFINITELY be on my list. Thank you! How could I miss such a simple yet powerful tip?

  5. Sarah,
    Thanks for sharing the 10 Laws of success. I have to say I am the worst for getting out of bed on the first try without hitting the snooze. I need to work on that. One of the hardest for me is balance. Working 2 jobs and learning all I can about affiliate marketing leave little time for balance. I may have to write these down and place on my desk.

    1. I was before the blog post. I have not snoozed my alarm all week! (It is only Tuesday!) Working 2 jobs and affiliate marketing is tough, but I know you’re going to be incredible.

  6. Sarah, Great post! Louis Doughty’s journey is truly inspiring, and your take on the 10 laws of success is both practical and motivating. I particularly love the emphasis on starting the day right and the importance of learning and networking. Your approach to balancing work and life resonates with me, as it’s crucial for long-term success. Thanks for sharing these valuable insights! Atif

  7. Some of my best work is done in bed lol- The author and artist Sark did all of her work in bed. But getting up and moving is always best!

    Thanks for the great summary of the goals! I do feel better or accomplished after making my bed. But my dog Maso won’t allow me to do it. He thinks it’s a game!!

  8. I’m so impressed with the way you used Louis Doughty’s Laws of Success to be the inspiration for your own take on the subject. We can all learn some valuable lessons from these. Personally, I have long since stopped using an alarm but I do at least try and get the bed looking reasonable before getting my first coffee.

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