There Are Way Worse Mums Than You

So far, and probably forever, my blog posts will mirror my life.

For the past 2 weeks, the children have been on their school holidays, I LOVE it when my daughter is off, I actually changed my job so that I could be with her a lot more. I used to be a teacher, and I now work for my family business which has provided me with a lot more flexibility day- to- day which is perfect. HOWEVER I now work during the school holidays (and help run a business)

This has subsequently provided me with mum guilt. I promised her that I would take some time off work and spend some days together, but the reality was that she came to work with me. She has been to both sets of grandparents and spent days in the office. She has eaten chocolate, sweets, played on her games while eating chocolate and sweets and one day I forgot to give her some lunch. When realised this, I asked if she wanted some cereal or a packet of crisps as I realised I forgot to do the big shop too. I’m sure she did have a bath at some point, but this may have to be investigated.  I do know she has cleaned her teeth at least twice because I saw her do it.  Mum guilt is currently at 100%

If you too have had a similar experience this holiday, I can whole heartly recommend this book.

It is hilarious.  It made me giggle so much and I have also bought a copy for my sister who will be popping soon- those early days of being a new parent is hard so I think this will provide the smile that’s needed at the 2AM feed.  It’s the perfect gift for a parent, they have a dad version too! 

How does this relate to blogging?

Writing a blog is the ultimate tool for sharing my story and building a tribe that can relate and share their experiences too. Life is just so much better when humans come together to support. I have found that using WordPress is not only a therapeutic tool for me to write about my week,  but it also allows me to be creative in my OWNED ASSET.  What do I mean by this?

My blog is mine. I own it. I pay a small amount every month (which also comes with training guides)to allow me to develop, create and document my journey. I can write what is on my mind, write the next part of my journey, write about anything that is bothering me or excites me. It’s mine. It’s also something that in years to come, I can look back at and smile. It’s something that my family can read when I’m not around and something I can be proud of and hopefully build a following of loyal, loving people who eventually trust me. 


People follow Trust

People follow people who they know, like and trust. Bloggers seamlessly establish trust by being transparent, timely and by fostering a sense of community through an engaging blog comments section. Engagement is key in building anything. Engagement shows your readers are spending time following your journey and want to be apart of your tribe.

I am still very new at blogging, but with a bit of luck and consistency, week after week, month after month and year after year, I will inspire people to delve more deeply into my blog, unlike a social media story that will disappear after a day. 

While trying to delve deeper into social media, I have  found that I urge myself to hold back. I have started questioning my content as I don’t want to be blocked or “jailed” for saying the wrong word. Social media updates can be censored, static sites can’t be updated or customized easily, and some video sites restrict branding potential and sometimes censor videos.

Blogging allows me to be “me”, with my own words, own style and gives me a platform to be honest about my journey.  This way, I hope to stand out from the crowd with my transparency.

                                                                 Just a quick question- Do you feel like you know me a bit better after reading this?

 If my story resonates with you, you are more likely to follow my honest mum journey in building my dream life and subsequently be part of my tribe. It’s good to know the person behind the blog. I will be writing some affiliate marketing blog posts to help other people get started, and direct them to how I started off but at this stage, building my tribe is priority. Please comment below if you have ever experienced parent guilt and what helped you as I need to feel better about working!

*** No child was harmed during the making of this blog, I promise I have a very happy, kind and very healthy child who on occasion eats fruits and vegetables ***

Until next time……

12 thoughts on “There Are Way Worse Mums Than You

  1. This was a very good and fun post. I am not a mom, but I do suffer from dad guilt at times and will check out the dad version you linked. You blog so well! I agree with you regarding your thoughts on having your owned asset. You never know what social media will do, but you can control what you do and choosing to blog is one great way to get and preserve your message. I like following your journey! Have a great week!

  2. what a great post and fun to read! I remember times my wife and I had our guilt moments, for sure. I personally remember many, when I had to work crazy hours and had seldom quality time for my son. Those became regrets. Even now, my son is 29 now, there are times when I look at him and wish I had spent more time with him in his younger days. Life is life, can’t change the past, but can be there for him anytime he needs it now. All the best as you continue being the best mum you can be 😁

  3. There’s that comfort zone, again! Or discomfort zone. I am amazed how time slips away as we complete the tasks of this online business or businesses. At least boredom’s not an option!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    No, I’m not a parent, unless you count my fur baby. I definitely feel I know you better; you have a wonderful way with words. You say you are new to blogging but you are a natural. Your posts are engaging and informative and your videos are a delight to watch. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Sarah,
    I always felt guilty leaving Mister Keats, my dog, alone while working. Granted, I work from home, and I still felt guilty. Lol! It’s natural to feel our loved ones need all the attention we can give them because that’s what we want to do! He was okay and your daughter will be, too. Growing up in the summer, I spent many days in my uncle’s car shop. They are some of my favorite memories! All I did was sit, watch, and eat, but I really enjoyed the feeling of being included in something important. Maybe your daughter does too!

  6. Oh my gosh! I just loved reading your post. I remember raising my son as a single mom in the 90s and sometimes feeling like, “What if I’m not doing enough?” I think moms and dads feel this way when life gets busy and all consumed. All parents go through this. We are all pulled in many directions and feel guilty when we can’t give 100% for everything. All we can do is our best…that’s it. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel those guilty emotions, but knowing you think them, you can tell yourself this is normal and remember that life is about transition and flexibility. Well done… I enjoy reading about your journey.

  7. Sarah,
    What a fun post to read. I certainly got a chuckle out of “maybe the child had a bath”. I, like you, enjoy blogging. It is great to have your owned asset as social medial platforms can be unpredictable.

  8. Love your giraffe so cute, just what you need when self-doubt drops in.

    Who knew how much owning your own asset would come to mean?
    Along with the freedom of creativity to do what you will!!

    It is empowering!

    People who follow people they trust are at the heart of blogging. I love that you aspire for longevity in writing and that people should “delve more deeply into my blog, unlike a social media story that will disappear after a day.” 

    I am glad to see no child was left behind and that no child was harmed.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…You, Me & Beyonce – Telling Your StoryMy Profile

  9. Sarah,

    Your blog post beautifully captures the juggle of parenthood and work life. It’s relatable and heartwarming, and I can sense your authenticity shining through. Sharing personal experiences like this not only builds connections but also fosters understanding and support among readers. And yes, I definitely feel like I know you better after reading this!

    Keep being genuine, and your tribe will naturally gravitate towards you.

  10. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say, this may be (possibly) the best blog post you’ve done yet! (And your other ones weren’t too shabby, juss sayin’). I think the fact that you’re planning to share stories that are mirroring what is going on with your life is fabulous… and it’s very entertaining. I know it’s important for you to share about your business-building journey… and you will… but what you wrote here is REAL.. and everyone can relate to it. You can’t share about your life and where you’re headed with your business without sharing about your personal life. It’s too intertwined together. There’s not a single person who reads your fabulous blog that won’t be cheering you on to win… and win BIG!

    Looking forward to your next one!

  11. Sarah, Your honesty about balancing work and family during the school holidays is refreshing and relatable. It’s clear you prioritise spending time with your daughter, even if it means juggling work commitments. The struggle with “mum guilt” resonates with many parents, I’m sure. Your recommendation for the hilarious book is a nice touch, showing empathy and understanding for fellow parents. Your journey with blogging reflects the power of owning your platform and sharing authentic experiences to connect with others. Keep being genuine, and your tribe will surely grow as people resonate with your story. Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…The Illusion of Success: Unraveling Education and Corporate Myths, dare I say Lies!My Profile

  12. Hi Sarah!
    Although I haven’t read the book you mentioned, I had a fun trip down memory lane with my four daughters while reading your light-hearted post about Mum Life! LOL
    My girls are all grown up now, but we still on occasion have breakfast for dinner or dessert before the meal to bring back those childhood memories! You are making great memories, and to have them documented on your OWNED ASSET is a wonderful idea!
    It’s all good! 😊Love being a mom!❤️
    I look forward to your future posts and I enjoy seeing you on TT!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti
    Milissa Neirotti recently posted…Unlocking Success: Choosing the Door to Your Affiliate Marketing MasteryMy Profile

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