I found it!!

Brilliant news!

I found it! I found my first change that I wanted to share with you- Anyone fancy a drink?

I have recently been suffering from headaches (suspected margarines- but I’m no doctor) tiredness and in all honestly, sadness. I haven’t been feeling well at all, and I have become very emotional with everything.

Wanting to sort this, I obviously took a minute to consult Dr google. This is normally a move that I wouldn’t recommend, as more often than not it leads to more worry and me planning my funeral. However on this occasion, I’m glad I did.

There were many suggested treatments, but the one I opted for before seeking proper medical advice was to drink more.

All girls know that if you buy a new water bottle you drink more….. so off I went to get a new water bottle.

I became a lot more conscious of what I drink throughout the day. It turns out, that I don’t think I did previously drink before the magic water bottle came into my life. I made sure everyone else drank a lot, and in fact got worried about my family not drinking as much as they should but never actually put the dots together to ensure that I do too- the human brain works in mysterious ways.

I bought water, chose water over other alternatives, and ensured that I drank frequently throughout the day. This did help. The headaches were less severe and I seemed to have more energy and felt overall better. A very positive sign.

A couple of days went by and everything was still looking up, I then became adventurous…… strap yourself in for the next part- it’s WILD!

I ACTUALLY bought something for me. This may seem unbelievably ridiculous to some people, and you’re right, it should be. For the readers that just smiled as you know what I mean, please continue to read.

I have seen on all my social media a drink called RHEAL. ( This is not a paid partnership) and I decided to give it a go. What have I got to lose? I bought the balance tonic as I felt when reading, that this would be the one for me….. for now.

I have now been having one glass everyday, sometimes I mix the power with water and sometimes I mix it with my morning yoghurt. However this stuff  WORKS!!!! My headaches are 90% gone, I have more energy, I have even found myself laughing, an even on occasion ugly, uncontrollably laughing.

I feel like I am calmer as I am getting more sleep and I am able to deal with work/ life stresses a thousand times better. The little things really got to me, and I would overthink them all, and then think about them again for good measure. I have to admit, this still does happen. That doesn’t go away with a drink of water but I can positively say, I don’t worry about it as much or dwell for a long time.

If you are anything like me, please give it a go. Spend the money and get it. You have nothing to lose but A LOT to gain.

Let me know if you’ve tried it, or if you have tried something else that will help a mum like me!

Change 2 is currently in progress and I’m excited to share with you what I’ve found next!

Smartie G


7 thoughts on “I found it!!

  1. Wow Smartie G!

    You have out-done yourself. Your images are engaging as are your actual posts.

    I can totally relate about the need to drink more water. And on the healthy front I’ve picked up a gym membership recently and I figure I need to work on better nutrition intake. As such I just picked me up a Nutrition Bible to help me on my way.

    You asked for it, so I’m going to suggest something else that might help a mum like you. I ordered that nutrition bible from a company I trust – Bioptimizers. Check them out – as they can help with anything from gut issues to stuff for your brain.

    You’ve peaked my interest and I look forward to what you have for us in the way of Change 2.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments.
      So have I, I’m enjoying the feeling after the gym but maybe not the session itself at the moment. In time, I’m sure I will.
      I will check them out, thank you for the tip.
      We can do this- Why wait to the new year to change!

  2. Sarah,
    Health makes a big difference when it come to life and running a successful business. I have struggled with getting in enough fluids in a day for a few years. On the days I don’t drink enough I can tell the difference in my mental clarity.

    I am glad you found something that works for you.


  3. Yes, water… the elixier of life!

    What a great tale and I am pleased that it is helping with your health. As I get older I seem to loose energy, and so I will have a look at RHEAL and see what its all about,

    I look forward to hearing about your nect change

  4. I ran across your Tic Toc and then followed your blog. I am excited to grow along side of you and your journey! Thanks!

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