The Start of Something New

Have you ever had a lightbulb moment? It has taken me 36 years years but I think I’ve finally realised something……… I need to start saying YES more.

I often hear myself saying no.

NO, I can’t come to that party because I’m looking after the neighbours dog. NO, I can’t come for drinks because I doing extra shifts at work to cover. No, I don’t need an advent calendar- spend the money on yourself. No I can’t meet up because I’m just so tired and honestly, I really can’t be bothered… Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

I am 100% a people pleaser, and I am very guilty of putting other people’s feelings high above my own. In some cases, this is needed- after all, we are human. However, I am going to start looking after me and do things that make MY heart smile before a random stranger.

Today is Wednesday 6.12.23 and this is my flag in the sand moment. From today, I am going to say YES more often. Smile a bit more, and ensure I am a priority at least once a day.

No more excuses, no more bad routines and no more days without a smile.

I will be sharing every “change” that I make. The good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, the helpful and even the unhelpful! We all need a stepping stone, and if you are anything like me and need encouragement and support, follow my journey and lets do this together!

Smartie G

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