My Dog Walker Ghosted Me.

The dog walker has ghosted me! What felt like speed dating for a decent dog walker, swiping left and right for a dog sitter was hilarious.  We matched with a lovely lady who has been brilliant, I thought we were doing well, but then nothing! How many messages should I send before it gets weird? I’m luckily not in the dating world and not up to date with the current ghosting rules!

So, up at 5.30AM to walk the dog. I was sure to wrap up as I live in the UK, and it is very cold now. As I glanced at the living room mirror, I ended up laughing. Nothing that I was wearing matched, and I looked like the bird lady from Home Alone 2. Without care, the earphones were carefully placed, and the playlist activated.

If you can read and listen to music at the same time, I encourage you to play the songs and come on my walk with me.

Dreams- The Cranberries

I put my wellies on at the front door, the left foot quickly kicked off again as I was sure there was a spider in there. I danced around for a bit shaking my foot and tapping the boot on the wall. It was a leaf, a small leaf- panic over! Once I get over my tired and grumpy phase of wanting to go back to bed, I really enjoy a morning walk. I enjoy them far more in the Summer months when its light but I’m grateful for seasons and you can’t take the good without the bad.

Off I went up the street, seeing my breath in the air. The dog looking back with disgust in my behaviour, waking him up to get cold. I swear sometimes I have to believe in reincarnation, and I’ve got someone’s grumpy grandad for a dog.

Start me up- The Rolling Stones

Most of my headspace and positivity is powered by my family. Living with my husband and daughter is a laugh a minute and gogglebox editors would be in stitches. However, I do have to admit, I’m loving the affiliate marketing journey. I really enjoy the training and thinking about all the possibilities that this can bring. I spend 100% of my walks thinking and thinking about my business and visualising my future and that instantly puts a smile on my face.  Sometimes when something feels right, you must just go with it and see what it brings.

However, this week I’m going to be brave tell you I’ve have had a BIG case of imposter syndrome.

! I’ve researched other blogs, I’ve compared mine to others and felt like others were way ahead in their journey and as much as I enjoying doing the course, is it a hobby where I’m on the side-lines? Is my blog good enough? I have convinced myself over and over that it isn’t.

Unbelievable- EMF

I know you are all head bobbing to this! Don’t be ashamed, let those feet tap and smile.  A little walk dance came out of me when this came on. I realised I was in public and stopped when I notice a young girl at the bus stop laugh. She was way cooler than I’ll ever be, but people are going to judge you whatever you do, so you might as well be happy.

The intrusive thoughts were consciously stopped on the walk. But this had to be done. This honestly had to be done more than once this week too. I was watching my daughter do gymnastics, and again, there they were telling me to give up. So, I put 1 earphone in my ear and put the music on again.  Music has really helped me change my mindset. It was just fear holding me back all this time.  Does music help you? If so, please comment with songs that help you and maybe I’ll make a playlist for us all!

Keep your head up- Andy Grammer

I’ve met some people that haven’t had a lovely Christmas, and the January blues are kicking in. Some people are really struggling, and we all need some vitamin D. One of the mentors, Sophie, once said, “Paint your colour.” Meaning, say something out loud so you are accountable to do it. This really stuck with me, and I’ve used it a few times this week to keep me on track. Not only with affiliate marketing but in my life.

For affiliate marketing, I’ve decided I’m going to stop hiding in the shadows and ask questions. I’ve not really got stuck with the training and it has seemed to flow (touch wood) but I need to step up a little bit more.  I am going to reach out and ask one of the mentors to give me some feedback. It may not be positive, but that’s good, because I’ll know what I will need to do to improve. I will feedback on what is said, and maybe it will help you with yours?


Don’t stop believing- journey.

I’m going to end this one with a cheesy song, but what else could it be?

I am taking control of my life this year. My blog is all about change “If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes”.

I am getting out of my own way and making sure all these changes ACTUALLY make an impact and I am showing you how you can make changes too and how I can help.

What progress I have made so far

  1. Drinking more water
  2. Moving more and getting outdoors
  3. Plan and get organised- loving my new diary by the way!
  4. Sorted out my mindset and put strategies in place for when it raises its head again- and sorting a new playlist with your suggestions


What are my next steps?

  1. Get feedback on my blogs- I’ll let you know!
  2. Set up social media accounts and post!
  3. Tell family and friends about what I’m doing and not hide it.


If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes


Smartie G


16 thoughts on “My Dog Walker Ghosted Me.

  1. Sorry, but I simply don’t believe you, please post a video of the walk danced to prove it!

    Once again what a fantastic blog, your ability to paint video pictures with your words is outstanding.

    You talk about imposter syndrome, and I too suffer from that, I often feel as if I am not good enough, my song would be

    But what a brave move to ask for feedback, in fact, I blogged the other day about just that, how I had asked for feedback and received a lot of really good, actionable comments, I hope your experience is the same.

    Keep up the good work, I look to you as one of the stanfards I measure my blog against!


  2. Great post! The very first thing that comes to mind as I read your blog is how wonderful you write, or as Tony puts it paint videos with your words.
    I love how it flows, the detail did have me feeling like I was walking the dog with you…in the cold to boot lol
    Have you ever considered writing books? You are a complete natural!
    Imposter Syndrome…Wouldn’t it be great if we could just tip it off the side of a cliff somewhere and it would be gone forever! I suffer from this too but I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t have this gremlin sitting in the back of their mind tapping away at us with all that negativity and doubt it offers up.
    I love that music is helping you to work on your mindset! and that you have put other strategies in place too, to better deal with it….there lies the key.
    I think you have set yourself up for a great year ahead and I have no doubt it will be all you want it to be.
    It has been a delightful read and I look forward to reading more of your posts!
    In my latest post, I talk about mindset and how I am working on changing mine.

  3. I always love reading your posts; they are so fun! Something you said really struck a chord with me, that you were comparing your blog to others and thinking you were behind. I have often thought this as we are moving slowly but forward, and sometimes I feel I am not doing enough or not as far as I should be. Then I remember that it is only a competition with yourself. As long as you are moving forward every day and doing your best, that is what matters. Everyone is starting out at a different point, and even though we are all attending the same classes, it amazes me the different things people take away. We have so much a like but are so different, and that’s what makes each of our journeys so special! I can’t wait for your next post!

    1. Thanks Alison. That’s so true. Slow progress is still progress. Comparing to each other is comparing a fish against a monkey to climb a tree. I need to just stay in my lane.
      Thank you so much for that x

  4. Smartie G, I love the music as I read – thanks for that. I relate well with your blog content and you seem to be living a mantra of mine – living a good life/work balance.

    It certainly will be the affiliate marketing that enables us to live a life of change well. Like – what is life without change?

    My quote in my Grade 13 yearbook read, “I will make music a better part of my life”. I’ve enjoyed singing with many choirs over the years. And I’m very in tune with our Christmas Choir Director John Morgan. He also leads a local top-notch group called Revv52. This might be one to add to your playlist, Dreamworld:

  5. Well, your blog looks pretty great to me. I guess I’d say there’s always going to be someone who is doing “better” than us, further along, “more successful”. That’s life.

    When I was young I gave up playing guitar because I had a friend who was naturally so much better than me and I knew I’d never be as good as him. But then I got into drumming, because I loved it, and it didn’t matter to me if I wasn’t as good as other people. So I guess I’m saying, that comparing ourselves to others can be discouraging and cause us to quit, so even though we should learn from other people, we shouldn’t spend too much time around people who make us feel bad about what we’re doing. Especially if we are enjoying ourselves and like doing it even if we know we aren’t the best in the world at it.

    Also, I commend your willingness to not hide what you’re doing – but again I’d say avoid spending too much time around people who want to drag you down (at least set your boundaries and avoid the subjects that cause the negativity)

    1. Thank you for your comment. You are right, slow progress is still progress. I’m comparing monkeys and fish at the minute and I need to stop! Thank you for your kind words

  6. I love your blog! It makes me laugh and look at myself in a more lighthearted manner. I need that, so you are much appreciated! A song that always makes me feel great and special is Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Please keep those blogs coming! I look forward to them 🙂

  7. Well, learn to look at the bright side. At least she didn’t run away with your dog.

    Jokes aside, you are not alone with imposter syndrome.

    I struggled with that myself, and unfortunately, has allowed myself to stay stuck for many years.

    These days, I just keep reminding myself to focus on putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how small the step is. Don’t compare your step 1 with other people’s step 100. What’s more important is that you are moving forward every day, and I believe you are.

  8. Hello Smartieg, I love your blog, the vibrant colors of your paintings, and especially the way you express yourself in your posts. I believe that taking the initiative to step out of the shadows and ask questions is a significant step in the development of all of us who are starting an affiliate business, and I include myself. Also, seeking feedback from mentors is key, as it shows a genuine commitment to improvement. Embracing constructive criticism is also a crucial aspect of growth, and I believe it will undoubtedly contribute to your success in affiliate marketing.

    I appreciate your willingness to share your experiences, and certainly, this sharing encourages others, including myself, to adopt a similar proactive mindset. I wish you all the best on your journey.

  9. Sarah,
    I know you may get tired of hearing this but I’m going to say it anyway. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!!!

    You are on your journey and others on theirs. Each of us is at a different place in that journey. As you go on your journey you have to remember you MUST grow. In your growth you will improve but you cannot improve if you spend time doubting yourself. Just think you have publish this blog and accomplishes a number of things to get this far. You are a success already.

    A question was raised the other day. When does someone become successful? When they reach there goal or at the point they decided they were going to achieve their dreams. The the wise teach said at the point they decide to succeed. You have already decided. So are already a success. You just need to believe in yourself.

  10. Sarah, regarding the imposter syndrome, I definitely feel that too I think it’s natural, especially as you’re starting something new and we always feel like we’re not good enough or how can I do it I don’t know enough. Try and put those feelings aside because you are good enough and you can do it. You’re learning from the best and we will all benefit from that overtime. When you said you think about affiliate marketing when you’re going for a walk with your dog, I do a similar thing when I’m at the gym on the treadmill on the bike or if I’m driving for a long time. I don’t listen to music I think. I think about a future vision, what do I have to do to get there, building list and tasks in my head and I try to problem solve. Some of my best ideas have come to me that way. I look forward to seeing how you get on and keep warm. It’s pretty cold here in London too. Thanks, Atif

  11. This is greatness! I felt like I was with you on the walk and nice choice in tunes! Getting out of your own way takes courage and I admire those that can do this effortlessly or with practice. I will look forward to following your progress.

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