The Day I Spent Shipwrecked

Of all days to spend the day Shipwrecked, it was New Year’s Day. What a start to the year, abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean with just two rubber rings and a magical backpack that contained everything from Sun cream to an air fryer!

My daughter and I set out to the beach for the day. Naively, I thought this was going to be a day of rest. Feeling the warm sun on my back and taking a breath from all the worries back at home. I was excited to escape reality for a short while and bring in the new year in a calm and relaxing environment. Hearing the waves lap up on the shore did make my heart smile and I truly felt happy. Everyone has, or should have, a safe space that they are able to collect their thoughts and reset. This is needed for sanity and to feel grounded. The beach or near a water source is mine.

With our rubber rings blown up, (which was an achievement in its self- I thought I was going to faint!) we headed off to the beach confidently. We claimed our patch of land by putting down our towels and bags and off we raced to the water.  It was cold at first, but we soon got used to it and got ourselves stuck in.

Shortly after, disaster struck!

My daughter announced that we were shipwrecked and had 17 sharks circling us. One looked friendly, so we only had 16 to worry about. I was quickly instructed to get her backpack as she was sure that she packed her shark repellent sound system. I was not to panic, and everything would be ok, I just needed to stay calm and try and not to dance to the music she was about to play, or it may not work.  Eventually, after a change of tempo and using a quickly made sea potion kindly gifted to us by a passing by mermaid the sharks thought twice about their actions and headed home.

Once we knew we were safe, it was time for our daily exercise which consisted of one of us doing back flips in the water while the other hunted for Salmon for tea. I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t good enough for either task and my duty was to cook the Salmon  in the Air Fryer that was at the back of the magical bag under the shelf where the salt and pepper may be…

The adventure does go on and for anyone interested, apparently an I Phone works in any condition and Siri does translate what to do if you meet a talking turtle that speaks Spanish.



It is safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st day of 2024. I spent the day laughing, and completely forgetting about everything. I took the advice from a comment in my last blog (30.30PM is my favourite time of day- Hands Down ) to not worry about time as much and to be more present in the moment, and that is what I did, and I enjoyed every second. Thank you.

We are currently away and set to return home later this week. Normally I’d be feeling sad at the thought of returning to work and all that entails. However this year I have a plan, and I plan to change. Starting my affiliate marketing journey has really changed my view on my possibilities and it isn’t necessarily the path we were taught.  I certainly wouldn’t bring my laptop abroad but this year I have found myself wanting to. I am really enjoying the training set by Dean. His positivity and demeaner is quite therapeutic and makes me want to progress further with Affiliate marketing. There was a LIVE 6-hour training just before Christmas and as I currently work for my family business, I couldn’t attend. Those of you that have worked in retail will understand. Our family business is a bakery so the Friday before Christmas, as you can imagine, was full of deliveries of Mince Pies and sweet treats- there was no chance I’d make it. So, I brought my laptop away with me to catch up on what was missed and to learn a bit more. This was ground-breaking for me as

  1. I have never brought my laptop away to “work”.
  2. The thought of a 6-hour training session would normally have my eyes rolling.

NOT Deans.

I’ve laughed and felt motivated all the way through and I’m ready to return home with a plan of how I’m going to make changes for the better and build my own business. I’m not sad to return home because of work anymore as I know there is going to be change this year.

Once we’ve retuned home, after buying a new tumble dryer (it was screaming for help before we left) I am going to try and book a little get away as a target and goal for myself. By the next little break away I want to be able to report that my water intake is consistently going well, I am more active- lost a couple of Lbs, but mainly my business is up and running and I have created content not only as a blog but on socials too. When they are up and running, I’ll let you know, and we can take on the journey together!

2024 is going to be the year of change after all.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Smartie G

My changes so far

  1. Drinking more water – One of my Christmas presents was a Stanley cup so I’m very excited to get back and use it! I have drunk more water while we’ve been away.
  2. Move more– I’ve not done as much while being away, but I will be back to walking the dog, and I have booked at PT session for when I’m back. I find the gym so scary, so I’ve booked a session to make me go!
  3. Start Training for Affiliate marketing! I have followed all the steps so far and will continue to build my business. I will continue to show up and be committed 

31 thoughts on “The Day I Spent Shipwrecked

  1. Loved your adventure being ship wrecked 😆 kids are so creative! I was on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what happened with the sharkes. Thank goodness for that mermaid! I can relate to how busy you are in the bakery. Only worked in one a few years but it was insane especially during Christmas. It’s awesome you are so excited about getting the plan going in your affiliate marketing biz! Look forward to following your success! Cheers!

  2. I admire your courage in deciding to drink more water when you know that at any moment that glass could contain a shark!!!!

    I absolutely loved the description of your time with your daughter, I honestly caught myself in a huge smile at the end of it. The way you write had me feeling the sun on my face and the sand between my toes. I could picture the sharks, and the turtle (Mi nombre es Shelly, y te doy la bienvenida a mi pedacito del océano, ¡vamos a nadar!)

    If you could bottle the fun of that day I would l jump at the chance to be an affiliate!

    Great to know that you have a plan for the year as well and I hope it brings you the success you seek so you can spend more shipwrecked days discovering what’s in the backpack.

    As an aside I think youyr are work is fantastic!

    1. I know, my daughter said the same. That why we’ve switched to filtered! ha ha

      I need to figure how to bottle it, or at least to create a magical backpack- who doesn’t need that in their life? Right!

  3. Should I see in this an allegorical story where the sharks symbolize the marketing or financial gurus wanting your money and the mermaid your mentor that saves you from the ocean of your emotions? 🤔 Or maybe am I looking a bit too far being too much psychanalitic? Either way great post again. I agree to say also that being on Dean’s workshop trainings is a cure for boredom and what a motivational boost it gives!

    1. That’s another way to look at it! But in this case, I wanted to share a lovely moment- no hidden meanings, just pure joy.
      Thank you for taking to time to read, I do appreciate your time

  4. I enjoyed your imaginative post! So refreshing and wanting for more of it!
    I agree, Dean’s training session was well worth the time.
    I hope this year inspires all of us to consistently make the necessary changes for a better tomorrow!
    I look forward to your next read!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  5. Love your adventure! It sounds like you and your daughter made a great memory. It’s great to get away and spend a day laughing! Good luck with your goals! They sound great!

  6. What a crazy adventure you had! Glad you got to appreciate and live in the present moment, it is something I practice, and can be hard at times! I also pulled out my laptop during this vacation, it has been so fun learning the world of affiliate marketing, and very inspirational!!!

  7. Sara,

    I can relate to the experience. One time we had a blow up boat and took it out in the ocean. A bunch of us where hanging out side the boat when all of sudden everything under our feet started to move. I never saw some people pile into the little raft so quickly. Come to find out it was a giant sea turtle. But it defiantly got my blood pumping.

    I am so glad to see you are excited to get off work and start working on your business. For me just thinking about it get me excited and I too can’t wait to get off work to focus on my business each day.
    I am looking so forward to what 2024 will bring. I also look forward to seeing what it brings you.

    1. I really hope the start of 2024 has been kind to you. We have a long road ahead but I’m sure all our hard work will pay off! Thank you so much for the time you spent reading my blog. Much appreciated

  8. I have never seen a mermaid before. Is she beautiful?

    To be honest, at first I thought you were really surrounded by 17 sharks, until you mentioned about the mermaid.

    Great story telling 🙂

  9. I think that friendly-looking shark had a lot more to do with your safety than you know… who knows, maybe he and the mermaid had a thing going?

    Love your writing style, smartieg – keep that up and you’ll do very well with affiliate marketing as well!

  10. Mermaids can be so helpful in the quick of things!
    All kidding aside, I’m happy that you’ve decided to take better care of yourself – your health is your greatest asset; without it, you can’t do much!
    Looking forward to reading the next adventures!

  11. Hi Sarah,
    great story. Just wonder how to recognise a friendly-looking shark 🙂
    I have to admit, as I work for a bakery, the last few days before Christmas was hectic.
    I totally agree with you about Dean, he is great at presenting. I admire him for the audiobook version where he reads the text himself. Hugely added value.
    Now we started a New Year, and looks like you are well prepared for it with all the content created.
    Keep up with your changes.
    All the best!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate the time you spent to read my blog. They wear pink sunglasses and dance to the music while the others look scared- obviously ha ha

  12. Sarah,
    I got lost in your story, as I felt I was there with you and your daughter. Thank you for the adventure. I think it is very important to be in the moment and not worry about time so much. I love your plan to change. More water is always important, but also change in your business. Keep on working on your business and it will take care of you.

  13. Making sure to have fun on a regular basis is the best way to keep my spirits up and enjoy life. It’s all up to me to be happy!
    Thanks for a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it.
    Any chance your daughter will share what the best shark repelling sounds are?

  14. Sarah, great story loved it. It’s great that you are so positive and excited for the coming year. You have a plan and great opportunities with Dean. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing more. Thanks, Atif

  15. Sarah, you really do have a great writing style. I could imagine every event through your words. This style of writing will also make your business very successful as your audience will feel your sincerity just as I did throughout the story. Keep up the good work and enjoy the training!

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