The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing in the Health Industry

In the past 6 months or so I’ve been suffering from headaches. I very strangely hope they’re actually migraines. I know that’s bizarre to read but if what I have been experiencing isn’t them- I never want a migraine! I have woken in the night in pain, felt dizzy, sick and even had a loss of sight. This week I KNEW I needed to put my health first and finally tackle whatever is going on. It was explained to me that it could be a food intolerance, and was recommended that I tried The York Test.

This was a really simple home test kit. The kit included an easy step by step instruction and it took me 5 mins from start to finish. (Not including walking to the post box!)

Here are the results……


Cows milk! I’ve never scored 100% in a test before and been so unhappy. Milk is probably my main vice- chocolate to be fair…. but as I work in a bakery 90% of our products have milk, butter or cream in! 

This week I have been looking into affiliate marketing and health. Health and wellbeing have always been a passion of mine, but this change has brought it out of me even more! I’ve really become excited about my new journey. I have been researching this niche all week, and even listened to podcasts on my morning walks. I have loved that this passion of mine has played a significant part of my week, and something I want to pursue in my affiliate marketing journey. Here is why…..

Why Health and Wellness and incredibly Lucrative Niche?

Increasing health awareness– people are becoming more health conscious and proactive about their well-being. This growing awareness drives demand for products that promote a healthy lifestyle, ranging from dietary supplements to fitness equipment.

Diverse Product Rage- The health and Wellness industry offers a WIDE ARRAY of products and services .For example:

  • Fitness and Exercise: Online workout programmes, gym equipment, fitness trackers and clothes
  • Nutrition and supplements– How many of us have these in our homes? I bought some 3D printed vitamins last month that are tailored to me- how incredible is that?
  • Mental Health: Meditation apps, stress management tools and therapy services. Spa treatments!  I specifically would like to delve into children’s mental health and look into supporting the children at some point 
  • Beauty and skin care: Organic skin care products, anti-aging treatments and personal care treatments.  I’d like to think I don’t need any anti aging products yet- but who am I kidding!

High consumer spending

How many items do you have in your home that would link to health and wellness? Giving myself 30 seconds to list- I have- 

That’s what I can think of in 30 seconds- I wonder what I’d be able to add in 1 minute?

Consumers are willing to invest in their health and wellbeing, often prioritizing quality over cost. This willingness to spend translates to higher conversion rates and substantial commissions for affiliate marketers.

Recurring revenue potential

Many Health and wellness products, such as supplements and subscription-based products, offer the potential for recurring revenue. My husband even has a ginger shot subscription, and he doesn’t buy anything for himself….. This creates a steady income stream for affiliates. Plus, I hope to do my own newsletter subscription one day too!

Research Affiliate programs – Always look for reputable programmes. Please don’t sign up to anything and sell anything. If you promote good quality products, your followers will grow to know you and trust you. If you promote poor quality, you will lose their trust. Be careful and always trade with integrity.

Some programs that I have found are:

  • Amazon Associates– A vast selection of health and wellness products
  • ShareAsale– Numerous health and wellness brands with a generous commission
  • ClickBank– digital products like guides and programmes- but be careful. Ensure they are high quality and work!
  • Just Strong Gym wear. ( I have their jogging trousers and they are incredible. A brand I will use again and again.)
  • Rheal– food supplements. I would recommend this products again, and again and again.

Create valuable content!

Develop high quality, SEO optimized content that provides value to your audience. This can be blog posts, videos, product reviews, how-to guides, videos tutorials and newsletters. Focus on solving problems and answering common questions. Get to know the high performing hooks and the algorithms to your chosen platforms. Leverage social media! I create TikTok videos which you can check out here

Build and e-mail list- The money is in the list

Offer a free resource such as an e-book, healthy mind check list or a meal plan in exchange for e-mail sign ups. Use your e-mail list to nurture relationships with your audience by providing valuable content and promoting affiliate links in your e-mails. Personalized marketing can significantly boost conversion rates.

Be authentic and transparent

Authenticity is key in this niche. Share your personal experiences and success stories to build trust with your audience. People buy from people who they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. People buy from people not AI, not robots, not from people who they can’t relate to.  Humans need a social community, leverage this!


As you can see, the health and wellness niche offers a wealth of opportunities for affiliate marketers. Make sure you chose a niche with your passion in mind. If you’re passionate about it, it will shine through and you will be successful. You need to be charismatic and have emotion when doing your videos. Anything else wont work.  This is one niche where you can enjoy financial rewards while making a positive impact on peoples lives. 

Remember- If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes. 

20 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing in the Health Industry

  1. I am also a health nut! The headaches are an interesting barometer of how far we allow stress to rule our lives.

    For example, I worked at a stressful job last year and toward the end of my contract, say 2 1/2 months left, I developed headaches with vomiting. I worked 3 nights every week then cut down to 2 nights. Still, no improvement.

    Then I retired (at the end of the contract) and the headaches disappeared. I could take my vitamins again!!

    Now I am very tuned into these symptoms or all symptoms I need to pay attention to and change my life, in some way!! Keep us posted on your success!!

  2. Well now I am speechless! I have never heard of 3D printed vitamin layered gummies before. I am interested to find out how you respond to them. I found normal gummie type vitamins to not be as effective as capsules or tablets.
    I agree that the niche markets of Health and Wellness are booming online.
    Thank you for sharing the 5 affiliate programs that you found.
    You must have been overdosing on milk and maybe do you have a lactose intolerance? Could drinking soy milk help instead of cows milk? I love to have at least one cup of milk before I go to bed or if I can’t sleep during the night cows milk helps me get back to sleep.
    Sometimes it is not drinking enough water and getting dehydrated that cause all of the above symptoms you described such as pain, dizziness and migraines and vomiting, not sure about the loss of sight one though.
    You have given some good advice also about being authentic, building your list and creating valuable content.

  3. Sarah, Thanks for sharing your journey and insights into affiliate marketing in the health industry. It’s inspiring to see how you’ve turned a personal health challenge into a new passion. Your detailed guide and personal experiences make this path seem accessible and rewarding. I appreciate the practical tips and emphasis on authenticity and quality. Looking forward to seeing more from you in this niche! Thanks, Atif

  4. What a great post. Explaining how to successfully market to a niche segment and making it easy to understand and succinct. I always enjoy your insights and they give me motivation and ideas. Highlighting the authentic and transparent part is so key. Being genuine and honest will get and keep customers. I strive to be as genuine (not perfect) with my Blog journey. I always enjoy reading your posts. I look forward to them. So sorry about cow’s milk. That sucks!

    1. Thank you Jordan. I’d rather my journey take double the time but prove that I’m honest and authentic. It does but I’m not the first and wont be the last. I just need to find the good alternatives now. lol

    2. Thank you Jordan. I’d rather my journey take double the time but prove that I’m honest and authentic. It does but I’m not the first and wont be the last. I just need to find the good alternatives now. lol

  5. Hi Sarah – Wow, a milk allergy would be hard for me as well! What a great niche to explore. You are right in that there are so many opportunities and beneficial products to introduce to people who have a need. I am sorry to hear about your headaches and I truly hope that you will get to the bottom of the cause (hopefully you have with the milk discovery) so that you feel better. Have a great week!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing your personal journey and insights into affiliate marketing in the health and wellness industry. It’s inspiring to see how you’ve turned a challenging health situation into an opportunity to explore your passion for wellness through affiliate marketing.

    Your breakdown of why the health and wellness niche is lucrative is spot on. The diverse range of products and the increasing health awareness among consumers make it an exciting space to be in. Your tips on researching affiliate programs, creating valuable content, and building an email list are invaluable for anyone looking to venture into this niche.

    I appreciate your emphasis on authenticity and transparency. Building trust with your audience is paramount, and sharing personal experiences can indeed foster that connection.

    Thank you for the motivation and reminders to embrace change and pursue our passions. Looking forward to more insightful posts from you!


  7. Sarah, I used to suffer from migraines and it was changing my diet that changed everything. For me it was eliminating both sugar and dairy. I am so glad you are figuring things out and putting your health a t the forefront. As your health is everything!!!! I have recently started a website OwnYourMindAndBodyHealth and working on finding affiliate links in the health and wellness space as well as promoting my books to help others care for their aging body ad their aging parents! I appreciate you insights and actionable tips! It’s clear you’re passionate about this new direction, and I’m excited to see where it takes you. Wishing you continued success and health on your journey!

    1. Sugar and dairy is huge. I’d love to know how you managed that and what you ate. The test also picked up on wheat but I’m doing this step by step. Thanks Alison

  8. I haven’t even researched this niche, but I know it’s huge – that’s how huge it is – it’s one of the main examples of a top level market. I’m glad you talked about the need for researching and only promoting quality products, I think because this market is so huge, it’s easier for low-quality products to make the rounds.

  9. Sorry to hear about your headaches but I’m glad you have finally found the cause. Who would have thought – milk of all things? What a varied niche you have delved into. It certainly looks very interesting and 3D vitamin gummies; whatever next?

  10. Hi, Sarah!
    My husband was wondering about taking the test to determine if there is something he shouldn’t be eating. I couldn’t remember what the test was called, so I’m very excited you shared the test you took with us.
    A baker unable to taste her baking! My heart goes out to you!
    It sounds like you have found a great niche to focus on. I love how it relates to you personally. You can help people in that niche from your own experiences. That is the best way to go about affiliate marketing!
    I hope your health improves as you adjust.

  11. Hi Sarah,

    Sorry, to hear you are going through a tough time with your health but I agree that food is the culprit for so many things!!
    I love milk as well and have tried soya and oat milk but depends where I use it, sometimes they work ok in tea but not in other things…

    I was listening to a talk this morning on plant-based diet and the number of diseases that can be avoided by eliminating meat, stress, and exercise. (I love my daily walks as well)

    The York Test sounds like a great idea to pinpoint potential food intolerances. I don’t think I have any but would be good to know for sure.
    Discovering cows’ milk as a trigger must have been a shock especially as you work in a bakery!!

    The health and wellness niche is an ever-growing field, and well-being is my personal interest and favourite.

    I’m excited to see where this journey takes you and how you’ll continue to grow in the health and wellness niche.

    Best of luck with your new focus, and I look forward to hearing more!
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Align Aspirations with Core ValuesMy Profile

  12. Hi Sarah,
    Great information! Since my wife and I retired, (ok, I’m still working but hey, it’s good pay LOL), we’ve started going to a private gym and we can honestly say that taking care of our bodies brought a bit of a change in what we ate.
    We’re not “health nuts” (pardon the pun) nor are we junk food eaters but we’ve sat down and took a look at what we were eating because getting older also means being able to enjoy it because we’re in better physical, mental and “gut” shape than we had anticipated.
    Thanks for bringing us this great information!

  13. This is an exceptionally insightful post! The health and wellness niche just happens to be my primary focus as well, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on things. I’m so incredibly sorry to hear that you’re having these migraines.. I know they are so debilitating and I hate that for you. I am, however, happy to hear that you’re being so proactive about your symptoms and trying to get to the root cause of what’s going on. Don’t take this lightly: many people aren’t willing to 1) take the time to see what’s really going on with their body, and understand why it’s reacting the way it is, and 2) take the steps to try and correct the underlying thing that’s going on. So major, MAJOR kudos to you for being proactive on your health journey. And as a side note… because of your experience you are only going to help others in affiliate marketing who are suffering like you are. You’ll be able to provide them much-needed answers.

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