What came first- The Chicken, The Egg or Affiliate Marketing?

This week, it has been The Egg, The Egg came first scientifically, but in my world, it was certainly not Affiliate Marketing. I was even convincing myself at one point that there wasn’t even any point writing a blog this week as I haven’t worked on anything to do with Affiliate Marketing. How can I help anyone if I’ve not progressed myself? What advice would I give? How embarrassing……

While having my morning juice (This is a change I am still doing- Winning!) I pondered on what I could write about and what my advice would be for this week…… I then had a coffee as I needed more brain time!

This blog post is going to be a post for the working parent, with a young family, who is trying to make changes to create a better life for their family.

From my last blog post, I talked about being part of a family business. I spoke to my brother about my intentions last week and he was so supportive.

It is all uphill from now.

I posted a couple of videos on TikTok, these were seen by some employees, and they then questioned if everything is ok with the business, why would a member of the family need to branch out and change careers? She’s got everything already, hasn’t she? I currently am responsible for 1000 employees, 56 shops, 40 fleet vehicles and the everyday running of the business. This currently is very time consuming and even more so when some don’t behave!! It is safe to say that I have possibly regressed in this area. I have had to take down some videos FOR NOW and will have to think of more creative ways to not show my face FOR NOW. I hope you all understand.

My husband is one of the best out there, he is a director of a business and all stars have aligned that he was working away a lot in the same week I was needed more at work.

We also have a daughter who needs to be at Gymnastics, Swimming and Horse Riding on time on the right day. This seems simple but experience has taught me to pack all 3 bags at the weekend and put all 3 bags in the boot of the car. This way I don’t take the horse-riding outfit to gymnastics again!

And to challenge myself further, I have also had my nephews staying- Life has been challenging this week.

I follow a blog called “Blogging From Paradise.” He gives incredible advice, and I am learning a lot from him- He’s worth following.  This morning I woke to a post saying, “Remember that being genuine and clearly honest will help you avoid all types of blogging problems.” I 100% know that he is talking about affiliate marketing and not life in general, but I’m using his advice today to be honest about my journey with this. Some weeks, I’m sure I’m going to smash it and I will be able to update you and guide you in your journey too. This week my real-life advice is that LIFE COMES FIRST. If you are on a similar journey to me, please take comfort in that we all don’t get to work on our business every day. There even may be a week where you don’t even log onto your WordPress to improve your Blog. This is all normal and ok. What isn’t ok, is giving up and letting life take over every week.

I am taking this blog post as an achievement. I could have easily given up and not written one as I don’t have “Affiliate Marketing” content, there is no advice or a step-by-step guide for your blog. However, there are some skills I’ve developed this week which does help with my own business.

I’ve written in many different genres all week. I’ve written reports, statements, lists, and e-mails in works. I’ve also supported my daughter when writing fantasy stories.  Practise writing daily to develop your blogging confidence. Write 500-100 words offline to gain clarity. Publish 1 post weekly to stay in the stream. Keep writing to home your #1 blogging skill. Like developing any skill, practicing often gives your immense confidence. Writing daily for practice offers you confidence to slay any self-doubt. Please don’t feel you need to blog daily; your content will be thin and burn out will be inevitable.

Profit and loss sheets in work. I’ve developed my excel knowledge in ensuring the data is accurate and I can confidently analyse it to give accurate reports.

Time keeping. I’ve set off in time for everything all week. We have been in the right place at the right time. I have changed aspects in my life to reduce unnecessary stress. I plan the day; I use my diary daily to keep me on track.

I have ben present. I have worked incredibly hard this week. I’ve been present in work and present at home. I am often distracted and therefore daily tasks take longer than expected. I’ve set out to do a task and done it.

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. If I’m 100% honest I could have worked on my business around 9.00PM, when I had some time to myself, but would it have been productive? Going to bed when tired is not lazy or negative.

Don’t underestimate the importance of exercise and eating well. By this I don’t mean go to the gym with a celery stick. I’ve not even been near the gym this week. I don’t think my gym gear has even been washed from last week- it’s hiding from me in the washing pile- I’m sure I’m washing for the whole of the street!

What I mean is, if possible, take the stairs once or twice, walk into the garden and make sure you get some fresh air, park your car at the end of the car park rather than right outside the shop door. 100 steps extra a day is 700 in a week. Small wins are still wins.

Look after yourself and be realistic. Last week, I set myself targets that were achievable for my business, but I haven’t achieved them. I have been feeling guilty about it and down as I want to achieve NOW. I will achieve, I will get an e-mail list and I will make an income from Affiliate Marketing….. but it doesn’t have to be this week.

I hope this blog post helps someone somewhere, if you have any funny family stories to comfort me, please let me know in the comments. Any stories that make me feel more human would really help me!


Smartie G


23 thoughts on “What came first- The Chicken, The Egg or Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Never fear! I think the key is not to feel behind but instead to do what you can do when you can do it.

    I don’t have any human children, but I have a Boxer. This week I really let him down. We ran out of canned pumpkin! Boy, did I hear about it! He barked and barked and barked (a very loud bark) and stamped his foot at me.

    My week didn’t go as planned (I didn’t even make it to the grocery store) in so many ways, but I’m looking forward to a fresh start as soon as possible.

  2. I feel exhausted just reading all you do . Well done of taking action, and even if it feels like its going backwards (like taking down videos= it is not really, it is all a step towards building the business in the right way.

    Great job with the three bags by the way!

  3. I like your blog post this week and I can relate to all 7 points. I have always been a promoter of a good life/work balance, with emphasis on life.

    You may have had to regress for showing face but take comfort in my family story. I have often considered pets as part of the family. Back a year and a half ago when a buddy took me in due to me not being able to make ends meet, I was introduced to his cat, Bailey. I am a cat person and I was missing my two cats that just grew old with me but were no longer with me. My buddy has no problem petting the cat and I can see she can be quite affectionate. But with ME, as soon as she see my hands she comes at me with claws and teeth! There’s no stopping her and me – the cat person – is disheartened.

    Bailey and I spend a lot of time together. I feed her and let her out on the balcony during the day when my buddy is working. I know I had to do something about the biting and drawing blood. But a few months ago, I found I could do this little stoop/squat thing and Bailey would affectionately bush up against my leg. I’ll take it and live with it…just a part of life.

    1. I’m the same. A work LIFE balance is essential. I’m glad you are making progress with Bailley, slow progress is progress. One day, she will sit on your knee in preference to your friend and you will have cracked it!

  4. Ah, you’ve done well my friend, it’s amazing how much you do. It’s great to have documented all you’re doing and one day can look back and think WOW!

    Meanwhile, I do appreciate that in spite of all you’re doing you have done a great post this week.

  5. Wow, I am in awe of all that is on your plate; running a business with 1000 employees is a lot (not to mention your responsibilities as a mom), and the fact that you are still working on growing your affiliate business is inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciate it. I feel like I’m spreading myself too thinly at the moment, not doing a good job anywhere. I just wish I could focus on 1 thing. Hopefully I will soon.

  6. I was recently listening to an interview of Jimmy Carr on Mike Birbiglia’s podcast Working it Out. Carr was talking about the need to love the process even more than the result. It doesn’t really matter if we want the success – whatever end result that is. If we don’t want to do what it takes we won’t ever get to the result. But if we love the process we will keep on working at it no matter the immediate result – and if we keep working at it, we will usually get results sooner or later.

    1. That is so true. Thank you so much for sharing. I hadn’t thought of it in that way but it makes perfect sense. It’s just frustrating at the moment that what I enjoy at the minute needs to fit around the day job!

  7. I love reading your beautiful transparency! I love reading that you (dare I say it) HUMAN! I think we all want to be Superman/woman in all aspects of our lives and that’s simply not… life. You’re putting yourself out there.. you’re making PROGRESS… and it’s so encouraging from my standpoint to sit back and watch it! Kudos… and I’m looking forward to the next post!

  8. Sarah,
    Life if full of stuff that pulls us in all directions. A lot of these things are things we do not have control over. We just have to roll with the punches and squeeze a few minutes here and there to work on our blog and marketing. You are correct, it is not the speed in which we run the race but that we actually run the race without giving up.

    Hang in there and remember the tortoise won the race not the hare.

  9. Hi Sarah,
    I’m so glad you have decided not to judge yourself. Judgment just breeds negativity and feelings of inferiority which do not lead to success. I know that for me I have been struggling between wanting to sleep (during the day) and trying to get things done. I start reading or writing and my eyes just want to close. But, I push through because I don’t have the time to waste sleeping. But, hearing what you said today makes me think I am probably not taking care of myself in a way that will keep me alert and ready for the workday. I wonder what it would be like if I felt alert, and energized, I will make some changes this week to better care for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Sarah – for saying you didn’t have anything to write for your blog you sure hit one out of the park! I too struggle with balancing my company and trying to get this online business going, but you wrote the facts about what your trying to accomplish whether this week or next. If we all took your 7 points to heart I think we would find ourselves consistently moving forwards. Keep up the good work! Look forward to your next adventure.

  11. Sarah, so even though you were worried you had nothing to talk about in a blog, you ended up doing an absolutely fantastic blog. And that’s the whole point, you are just documenting what you’re doing. Some days we might not be that productive in terms of the business, but there’s other things we do like you are running your family business the daughters activities and running a family are all skills that you do every day and they become part of your own development. I love the way you numbered all the different things you’ve done very good and it shows the achievements even when we don’t think there are any. There is a program in the UK a comedy sitcom show called ‘only fools and horses’, and it’s about two brothers that work in a market and have struggled all their lives to sell bits and pieces. And for 10 years they’ve been trying to make it and in the end, one day they become millionaires. And even though he achieved what he wanted, he still missed the chase. He still missed the process of trying to get to where he tried to get to. So everything we do every day contributes in someway. Have a great week and I look forward to your next blog , thanks, Atif

  12. Hi Sarah,
    As you said, life comes first!
    We may have different lives, but it seems there’s always somethings in life and in work/business that give us the opportunity to be challenged and grow, or give up. I’ve learned that as long as I keep believing that I will be successful, I will and so will you!
    As we prioritize and do what’s need, it will all work out in the time I believe it’s meant to work out!
    Wishing you success and look forward to your next posts!

  13. I like what you share from Blogging from Paradise, about being genuine and honest will help you avoid all blogging problems. Too many people are trying to be someone they are not, usually not because they are liars, but they are just trying to look good. This can be very exhausting.

  14. These days I try to keep the focus on my business, posting each week, taking the I time I have after my day job to work to make little bits of progress. However doing so, I forget to pay the bills, the dishes accumulate in the sink, the coffee stays in the coffee maker (this is when I don’t forget to put a mug under the dispenser after having clicked the “make” button), I rush to go get my daughter at the gym for 3pm because I realized I’m late, and I almost forgot the NFL Superbowl finals this weekend. There. Am I doing too much? 🤔
    Have a nice day!🥴

  15. Oh my god, I am amazed what you’ve taken on, and admire your dedication to all of the things you have to do. And then do them. Have you thought about arising an hour or 2 earlier and meditating? It makes the difference between overwhelm and feeling in flow and connection.
    It doesn’t lessen the load, necessarily but changes your perception about the load. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

  16. I think you are truly amazing! I’m a 64 yr old retired Registered Nurse and recall the days much like you’ve described. My 2 grown children are responsible and successful in their lives and families of their own now. You are killing it, in this journey of yours. You work full time, have a family, and you expect too much from yourself. I want to encourage you to set boundaries for yourself. No one can do it all, be it all and have it all. I admire you so much but realistically this pace is unsustainable. Keep it simple. Relax everyday. Hug and laugh with your family.

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